Payment Plan

This plan is designed to spread all or part of your tuition, room, board and fees for each semester in four, three or two installments, depending on when you sign up for the plan. The plan is a contractual agreement with the College; therefore you are expected to comply with the provisions outlined below. This plan is offered through Advanced Education Services, Inc. (AES) and there will be a non-refundable fee of $50.00 per semester to participate.

As cost or aid are finalized simply adjust your monthly payment via web, telephone or mail at no cost. You will receive a bill monthly. You may pay by having your payments automatically charged to a designated credit card each month or have your payments automatically debited from your checking or savings account. Missing an Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option due date will result in a late payment fee of $45.  Note: A convenience fee of 3% will be added to any amount charged to your credit card.

Payment Plan for  Summer Semester 2017

**There is no Payment Plan offered for Summer due to the length of the semester.**

All payments for the payment plan must be made through Advanced Education Services (AES).