How Waitlists Work

North Idaho College uses waitlisting for all regular classes (this excludes directed studies, independent studies, internships, etc.) with the exception of classes within the Natural Sciences Division. When a class reaches its maximum enrollment capacity and additional students attempt to register, a waitlist is created. Students must select to waitlist themselves for the class when registering. They are not automatically placed on the waitlist. If room becomes available in the class, eligible students on the waitlist will be enrolled in the section and emailed at their NIC Cardinal Mail account notifying them that they have been registered in the section

In MyNIC, when a student attempts to register for a class that is full, he or she will receive a registration error and be notified that a waitlist is available. In order for the student to officially waitlist for the class, he or she must select the waitlist option from the drop-down and click the submit button to complete the request. Students are not automatically put onto waitlists. Being on a waitlist does not constitute registration and therefore the credits do not count toward enrollment, graduation requirements, or Financial Aid requirements.

Students may waitlist for only one section of a class. Please note, if you are registered in one section of a class and waitlisted in another section of the same class you may become registered in more than one section of the same class when your waitlisted section becomes available. If you are registered in more than one section of the same course you must drop yourself from all but one section as soon as possible or you may be dropped from all sections in which you are registered, whether you were registered through a waitlist or not.

Waitlists are only available through the end of the add/drop period for full length term classes. Waitlists are available for late start classes through the first two calendar days of the class. Once the waitlist period ends for a class, all students still on waitlists will be automatically dropped from the waitlist. 

Problems Preventing Registration from Waitlist

Registration from a waitlist may fail to work under certain circumstances. If the waitlisted class will exceed the maximum credits allowed for registration, the student will not be registered if room becomes available in the class. Students wishing to exceed their maximum allowed credits for registration must obtain permission from Advising Services.

MyNIC also monitors class prerequisites. A student will be unable to waitlist in a class if the prerequisite has not been met.