Branding - Academic Logos and Wordmarks

Clearspace VisualThe North Idaho College logo is designed to be instantly recognizable, incorporating our mountains, trees, and water symbol with a strong, clean typeface. As with all the elements, consistency is key. The logo should not be altered either in shape, proportion, order, or color.


For the logo to have maximum impact in a visual area, it needs "room to breathe." Minimum clearspace should equal 1/4 the width of the cardinal or icon.

File Types

Image files are available in both EPS (.eps) and JPEG (.jpg) formats. EPS is the recommended file type as it provides greater flexibility when scaling and has the most accurate color when printing. JPEGs are recommended for websites and when applications do not accept EPS files.


  • Images in the file type JPEG (.jpg) must only be decreased in size. Increasing their size will cause pixelization (jagged edges or blocks within the image). If you need a larger image than those provided, contact College Relations.
  • When resizing an image, always "lock aspect ratio" (Microsoft) or "constrain proportions" (Adobe) so that width and height ratios remain the same. Altering these ratios will distort the image.
  • The colors and clearspace of each image are set and fixed in each file. Do not change, remove, or add colors, and do not reduce the clearspace around each image.

The NIC Communications and Marketing Office oversees the graphic identity and branding for North Idaho College. The guidelines posted here are intended to help outline appropriate use of the college’s identity and branding elements. However all use of college logos and branded materials must be authorized and approved by the NIC Communications and Marketing Office.

If you have questions, please contact Chris Pfeiffer at

Thumbnail File Name 72 DPI .gif 300 DPI .jpg Vector .eps
Best for computer monitor viewing. Best combination of computer monitor and printing (e.g. PowerPoint). Best for printing.
Windows Emblem Right-click Save Target As...  /  Apple Emblem Save To Disk
NIC Logo logo .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoReverse .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoReverseBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoReverseMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoSilver .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoReverseSilver .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoStacked .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoStackedReverse .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoStackedBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoStackedReverseBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoStackedMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoStackedReverseMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoStackedSilver .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Logo logoStackedReverseSilver .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkSilver .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkReverseBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkReverseMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkReverseSilver .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedLBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedLMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedLSilver .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedLReverseBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedLReverseMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedLReverseSilver .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedRBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedRMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedRSilver .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedRReverseBlack .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedRReverseMaroon .gif .jpg .eps
NIC Wordmark wordmarkStackedRReverseSilver .gif .jpg .eps