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What's Happening
Internet Explorer
Macintosh Firefox

What's Happening

If you are printing the schedule and it isn't appearing like it does on the screen chances are the problem lies with a default settings of most browsers that prevents webpages from printing background colors. In short, your web browser is trying to save you ink. To fix this, all we need to do is change this setting.

Internet Explore

If you are working in Internet Explorer

  • Open Tools in Internet Explorer
  • Select the print options and open up page setup
  • Select the option 'Print Background Colors and Images'
  • Select OK and try printing again

  • If you are using Internet Explorer 8
  • Open up tools and select Internet Options
  • Under Advanced, find the printing option and select print

IE print background color

IE internet options, advanced tools


If you are working in Firefox

  • Click on the File Menu and select Page Setup
  • Select the Print Background (colors & images) option

For newer versions of Firefox
Firefox page setup

Firefox print background

Macintosh FireFox

If you are working in Macintosh Firefox

  • Click on the Print Option
  • Select the down arrow to view more option
  • Select the Print Background Colors option

Firefox Mac page setup

Firefox Mac print background