Dual Credit - Students


Apply now. You will receive a letter in the mail within a week after applying online. This letter will outline what needs to be done to complete your application to become fully admitted. A student ID is provided. The student ID is necessary to be able to go online to register for a placement test.

After the NIC Application, the Dual Credit Authorization Form and test scores are provided to the NIC Admissions office, if applicable, it may take up to 5-7 business days to complete the processing of the application for acceptance as a dual credit student. Upon full acceptance, you will be able to register on-line for classes.

Go into your MyNIC account and set up your Cardinal Mail. You have the option to forward your Cardinal Mail [PDF] to the email account you read on a regular basis.


All Dual Credit students must provide test scores for placement in classes that require test scores for placement.

You may register to take the COMPASS placement test at the NIC Testing Center or at an NIC Outreach Center in Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, or Kellogg.

The NIC Testing Center and the Regional Centers will send your test scores to the Admissions office to complete the testing requirement. This process takes up to 3 business days after the date of testing.

You may find it helpful to take some practice tests here.

ACT or SAT scores must be submitted on a high school transcript or from the ACT or SAT websites.


To be admitted as a Dual Credit student, Admissions will require the following before you will be able to register:

  • your completed Dual Credit Authorization form [PDF] signed by you, your parent, and high school counselor
  • your COMPASS, ACT, or SAT test scores if applicable.

Apply for Scholarships


Using your student ID, you will want to search for classes and register online using MyNIC. If you cannot register, it may be that your admissions materials are not all turned in or that you don't meet the course prerequisite. Contact Admissions to confirm your status.

If you have taken college courses from other colleges, you may need to submit your college transcript to NIC before you can register.


Idaho Dual credit students are charged $65 per credit ... more info

Dual credit students do not pay NIC fees. High school students attending NIC (on or off-campus) are not covered by NIC accident insurance as they do not pay an insurance fee.

Laboratory/special supply fees are assessed dual credit students. Students are required to purchase books unless notified that books will be provided for a course held in the high school.


Contact the Dual Credit office.