Sterling Silver Award

Bob Schrader

Bob Schrader

Facilities Technician
Physical Plant/Facilities

Employee of the Month

“Bob is the BOMB! This man has helped our program and staff SO MUCH! And with such a great attitude! He's always willing to step in and help, makes sure he does a job the correct way, and takes pride in his work. Bob is a wonderful asset to the NIC family in the way he serves our community. Saying thank you just doesn't seem to cover the gratitude we have for his hard work and dedication to quality. Please consider him for the Sterling Silver Award, as he has really worked above and beyond and should be formally recognized!”

Jolie Wenglikowski, Director - Children’s Center

“Bob has been so helpful at the Children's Center! He has made sure that everything we need has been taken care of. We feel like he truly helped make our center look so beautiful and ready for a new year! Thanks Bob!”

Laura Marshall, Teacher - Children’s Center

“I could write 15 paragraphs about all the wonderful things Bob has done here at the Children's Center over the last year or so. Assembling, hanging, fixing, replacing, carrying, etc.! He never comes in without a smile and amazing attitude. He readily seeks out things to do and ways to help! When he walks in it is like the cast of Cheers seeing Norm; everyone yells, ‘Bob!’ with excitement in their voices. He is an irreplaceable asset to the NIC community and we could not do all we do without him!”

Jessica Geiger, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Children’s Center

“Bob is an amazing part of NIC. He is always willing to help out the Children's Center and go the extra mile to get things done. He is hard working and always has a smile on his face. Bob is The Man! Thanks Bob for all your hard work we appreciate it.”

Briana Werner, Teacher - Children’s Center

“Bob has gone above and beyond to help out the Children's Center. He has come in ready to take on any task and has even stopped by just to see if we have anything he can help out with. His attitude is remarkable and he is a little ray of sunshine to each and every one of us over at the Children's Center.
We love you, Bob!”

Katie Marsan, Teacher - Children’s Center

“Bob is so wonderful and willing to help whenever needed! He is a great asset to the NIC community, and always brings a smile to everyone's face. His positive attitude and willingness to help others is contagious and truly inspirational! :) THANKS BOB!”

Ashley Crosby, Teacher - Children’s Center

“Bob is such an amazing person who goes above and beyond to help keep the Children's Center in tip-top shape! He spent so much time going out of his way to hang all the items needed back on our classroom walls once they were painted and even went out and bought hooks for our emergency bags... Thank you Bob for making your job look easy even when you have 20 women asking you for help at one time. Keep on being you, because you add so much to our campus.”

Melissa Milton, Teacher - Children’s Center

“I have never seen Bob without a smile and I've never worked with him when he didn't give 110% to a project, even if that means accommodating last-minute changes. He is a real asset to the college both as a worker and as a person.”

Chris Pfeiffer, Web Designer/Coordinator - Communications and Marketing

“I'd like to nominate Bob for the outstanding act of putting our Children’s Center back together after a long summer of maintenance and last minute upgrades. Bob has a kind heart and is willing to help on a moment’s notice. He smiles while doing his job and displays pride in what he does as he always finishes the task at hand and asks if it is done right. Bob definitely displays an “I'm IN” attitude about the NIC campus and that is why he should be nominated for this award!”

Debbie Fields, Teacher - Children’s Center

“BOB ROCKS! Bob always has a smile on this face and the quality of his work shows he cares. He has a ‘can do’ attitude and makes sure the job is done right. He can fix just about anything like our NIC tent that has gone through the wars with all the NIC events. I’m so glad he’s ‘IN’ the NIC family. YOU’RE THE MAN BOB!”

Lynn Hill, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Communications and Marketing