Sterling Silver Award

Linda Holloway

Linda Holloway

Sr. Administrative Assistant
Health Professions Division

Employee of the Month

“Linda is a gem. From the time we hired her as the Senior Administrative Assistant, she has not declined in her positive attitude, helpfulness, willingness to support students and faculty, and her tremendous administrative skills. NIC and the Health Professions Division specifically, have been most blessed with Linda's presence on campus. We so often hear, ‘I'm on it...’ from her - and she is - she follows through unerringly and consistently. If anyone deserves this award, it's Linda.”

Rand Edwards, Retired Division Chair - CTE Health Professions Division

“Linda goes above and beyond to support me in my position.”

Jonathan Gardunia, Idaho Consortium for Physical Therapist Assistant Education,
Program Director/Instructor - Health Professions Division

“Linda is ‘on it!’ She keeps not only me, but all of the HP team on task” quite a feat when doing so minus a HP division chair for the previous five months! She always has a smile on her face! She good at giving gentle reminders to keep things running smoothly... she is a ‘get 'r done’ kind of person and she makes pitching in and helping a fun thing to do. Linda keeps track of accreditation dates, assignments, fee schedules, pinning ceremonies, and advisory board meetings for seven different programs! Linda is efficient and effective in her work. She is holding down the fort and either knows the answers we ask or knows where to find answers. And as much as she does for HP, she is interested in doing more. She wants to be involved in scheduling courses and budgets. She is a task-oriented person and likes to be busy. She is a multi-tasking master! Did I mention how pleasant she is?! She has a great sense of humor and is a great listener. She is pleasant and helpful with our students. She is the first face most people see when they come to the HPN office window. It's always nice to be greeted with a warm smile!! Linda is not just our support person in HP. Linda is an equal and integral part of the team! We love her and she deserves this award!”

Cindy Pavel, Medical Assistant Program Director/Instructor - Health Professions Division,
Biology Instructor - Natural Science Division

“I am a new faculty member in the Health Professions Division. In my short time here, I have found that my transition into a new position, at a new institution and in a new city, has been enjoyable and easy. Linda has gone out of her way to make me feel welcome and important. Linda is always willing to help and guide me in the right direction. Every time I see her, I am greeted with a smile. I nominate her without hesitation. Thank you Linda Holloway!”

Rob Blackston, Surgical Technology Program Director/Instructor - Health Professions Division

“Such an amazing employee! She took time out of her day to help me organize boxes in the correct manner. Linda is the type of employee we need here at NIC. She is always willing to help even when it means that she must sacrifice her own time. Linda always has a very pleasant demeanor as well!”

Jacob Wizner, Student Success Navigator - Center for New Directions

“Through personnel changes, launching new programs, and even accreditation, Linda Holloway has been by the Health Profession division’s side the whole time. Anytime I need assistance, Linda is there with a solution or better yet, an answer. She brings a special something to the table that is unique and keeps the bond within Health Professions strong. I always make sure to swing by her window when I am in Meyer Health and Sciences Building because I know she will always be able to brighten my day. While she radiates positivity, her knowledge of the role and ability to assist the faculty and staff in the department is irreplaceable. She is such an asset to North Idaho College and more than deserving of the Sterling Silver Award! Oh, and did I mention her smile can light up a room? :)”

Becky Rhoades, Employment Transition Coordinator - ICE Healthcare Partnership - Health Professions Division

“Linda has been our Sr. Administrative Assistant for almost two years now. Our division has been functioning quite a large portion of that time without a Division Chair, yet Linda has amazingly still managed to hold us together. She is always willing to go that extra mile to get something done, and while she is going that extra mile she continues to wear a smile and keep a positive attitude. Her organizational skills are over the top and she never seems to get flustered from the constant demands of all of our departments.”

Yvette Smith, Dental Hygiene Program/Instructor - Health Professions Division