Sterling Silver Award

Huihsin Chung

Huihsin Chung

Dining Services

Employee of the Month

“I am nominating Shing for the Sterling Silver Award because Shing is the heart and soul of the Caffeinated Cardinal. She not only charms customers with her lovely personality and killer coffee, she is always thinking of innovative ways to make the coffee shop successful. She comes in early to make the Hot and Sour soup from scratch every week, and creates bento boxes by hand to sell in the coffee shop.  I see Shing going consistently above and beyond to ensure the coffee shop’s success. She is utterly reliable and is always available when she is needed. Her interactions with employees are always warm and fraught with gifts of homemade food. When she says, “It’s made with love,” when she talks about her food, it’s true. Shing loves her job and her customers and all of her efforts reflect that. We’re so lucky to have her.”

Katie Akins, Cardinal Card Specialist - Cardinal Card Office

“Shing is the best! Not only is she an excellent barista she cares about our students, staff, and faculty and uses her position to help make the campus better. She knows most people by name, asks about how they are doing and encourages them to keep going. She is so creative, the menu is always changing and has fun specials. Shing adds so much value to my day and many others around campus!”

Heather Erikson, Director of Student Life and Leadership - ASNIC and Student Development

“Shing is always working so hard to ensure that her customers are happy, all while maintaining an impressive level of hustle. The soup is awesome as well!”

Terry Brinton, Instructor - Physical Education, Dance, and Resort/Recreation Management Division, Assistant Coordinator Outdoor Pursuits - Campus Recreation

“Huihsin is such an asset to North Idaho College. She is a high-quality worker who had a big heart. She is student-centered, values other employees, and goes the extra mile every day to make students feel welcome on campus. She is a team-builder, and can often be found giving folks treats she made at home. She is always willing to support her team, and continually goes the extra mile in the kitchen and at events to make sure clients, staff, and students are taken care of. Her great attitude and positive nature is so refreshing. She absolutely should be recognized for her many contributions at NIC.”

Dodi Rode, Student Union Operations Coordinator - Student Union

“Shing is one of the most positive people I have ever met. It is a delight and a privilege to see her every day, as she makes me coffee and never judges me for being so addicted although I tell her I’m trying to cut back. Shing is genuine. As we catch up on new things happening in life, she always remembers what we talked about last and asks for updates. She will go out of her way to help anyone. I know this specifically because every Wednesday morning when she makes her delicious Hot and Sour Soup, she sets aside a special bowl for me to meet my dietary restrictions. Shing’s positive outlook and loving spirit are an inspiration, we are so lucky to have her here, and I’m lucky to call her a friend.”

Chloe Van Zandt, Coordinator of Student Developments Programs - Student Development