Sterling Silver Award

Melissa Mewhinney

Melissa Mewhinney

  • Web Application Developer
    Communications and Marketing
  • Computer Science Instructor
    Math, Computer Science, and Engineering

Employee of the Month

“We call Melissa Mewhinney the Wizard of Web because she makes magic happen every day. Her position isn't the most high profile position on campus... in fact, like in the wizard's chambers, nearly all of her work happens behind the smoke and curtains. But unlike the Wizard of Oz, Melissa's work isn't just smoke and curtains. She's is an expert at programming and is continually making adjustments to the public website, constantly improving its effectiveness and creating tools to help visitors to our site. Melissa has spent countless hours/days/months recently working diligently on the development of the new website redesign. Her hard work is qualification enough for Melissa's nomination for this award, but that's not even what I appreciate most about her. Melissa works in a highly technical field and most of what she does isn't easily translated to those who aren't programmers. However, she's always patient and always takes the extra time necessary to help the people she's working with understand issues and solutions to their needs. And she always has a smile on her face! It's time to throw back the curtains and fully recognize this Wizard for her hard work and many contributions to North Idaho College!”

Stacy Hudson, Director, Communications and Marketing

“Melissa is simply a rock star. She wades through mind-numbing reams of computer code with the ease and grace of a saint. She always has a smile on her face, a lilt to her voice, and a can-do attitude. Her workload would send most people screaming and running for the exits, but Melissa just smiles, pulls up her pink Hello Kitty keyboard, and gets it done. #bestofnic”

Mark Browning, Vice President for Communications and Governmental Relations

“I would like to nominate Melissa ‘Meow Meow’ Mewhinney for the Sterling Silver Award. I have had the pleasure of working with ‘Meow Meow’ on many different projects. One of the first projects was getting Staff Appreciation Award nominations and voting online. She was so helpful getting the process setup reducing the time we used to spend with the old paper ballots. Another project I have worked with her on has been during the election process for ASNIC. Time after time I have had to call her with changes. Each time she giggles and does her magic to fix whatever needs fixin'. For these and many more reasons, I am happy to nominate Melissa Mewhinney for the Sterling Silver Award.”

Nancy Edwards, Senior Administrative Assistant, Student Development

“Melissa is a fantastic coworker who is always willing to help with a project on any given notice. Her ability to utilize her knowledge in computer programming allows me to measure advertisements and social media campaigns, as well as strengthen my ability to better reach an audience. She's incredibly accessible and whether or not my requests are driving her crazy, she always follows through... Not without a slight jab at my inability to understand code.”

Nick Granier, Marketing Coordinator, Communications and Marketing

“I couldn’t be more happy to nominate Melissa for the Sterling Silver Award. Melissa is a joy to work with. She’s super responsive, knowledgeable, and really good at what she does. When you ask for her help, Melissa wastes no time in getting it done. She cuts through the bull and makes things happen. She’s also a blast to work with and always has a smile. Melissa is a perfect candidate for the Sterling Silver Award.”

Tom Greene, Communications Coordinator, Communications and Marketing

“Melissa has done a remarkable job of taking on challenges, helping those in need, and becoming a valuable and highly regarded part of the college. Her work has brought numerous improvements to the college website, the athletics website, MyNIC, and she is now a valuable part of the Computer Science instruction department as well. We are lucky to have her.”

Chris Pfeiffer, Web Designer/Coordinator, Communications and Marketing

“I would like to nominate Melissa Mewhinney for the Sterling Silver Award. I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa for the last four years; both as a former student and now as an employee. My interactions with her have always been warm and exceedingly obliging. Melissa possesses both personal and professional qualities that one can only hope for in a colleague. Her level of knowledge in her field and willingness to help others is refreshing. On multiple occasions, Melissa has assisted me in troubling shooting problems on WebDriver while going out of her way to coach me through the issue. I believe these qualities make Melissa an exceptional candidate for the Sterling Silver Award.”

Michelle Bristow, P/T Office Assistant, ASNIC