Sterling Silver Award

Jon Downing

Jon Downing

Chemistry Instructor
Natural Sciences Division

Employee of the Month

“Jon has a contagious excitement inside and outside the classroom. I have worked with Jon Downing the past two years as we rolled out a new orientation model, which relied heavily on campus support and involvement to showcase the culture of NIC to new students. Jon not only jumped at the chance to be a group leader, engaging with hundreds of students and their families, but encouraged other faculty to volunteer as well. He realizes the importance of supporting the students from their very first step onto campus until their last day crossing the stage during commencement. I work mostly with staff and students, but I hear the buzz of recommendations from students taking his Chemistry courses! The student leaders I work with rave about his teaching style and encourage any student to register for a course with him. There is nothing better than students wanting to take your class. His passion and student support is top notch. Jon is a valuable asset to the college inside and outside the classroom. Thank you Jon for all you do!”

Jessica Adams, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Admissions

“NIC Chemistry Instructor Jon Downing is a skilled and dedicated instructor. But it's the demonstration of a commitment to student success both inside the classroom AND college wide that drives this nomination for the Sterling Silver Award. When observing the volunteers at the INside NIC Orientations recently, I saw Jon there at every event. In the evenings, on weekends... welcoming hundreds of new NIC students and their families to NIC as a group leader. As a faculty member, Jon realizes the impact that he can make on student success not only inside his classroom, but by being engaged and supportive of the whole student in all facets of enrollment and retention. Jon epitomizes for me the spirit of I'm IN, never believing that his work to promote student success ends when he turns off his classroom lights. Thank you Jon, for your commitment to North Idaho College and our students.”

Stacy Hudson, Director - Communications and Marketing

“Just yesterday, I heard Jon’s fabulous, light-hearted laugh and smiled. Jon is clearly supportive of student success, students rave about Jon as a teacher and mentor. Jon has taken up the arduous task of serving on Curriculum Council, and the Natural Sciences Division trusts him to uphold standards and logic during the many meetings. Furthermore, the INBRE internship program has flourished under Jon’s direction. He has managed to attract new industry partners, support a large number of students and maintain high standards of poster presentations at the regional conference. Jon manages to perform his duties with students in mind and with a jovial attitude—I honestly don’t know what we would do without him.”

Julie Van Middlesworth, Environmental Science and Geology Instructor - Natural Sciences Division

“I would like to recommend Jon Downing for the Sterling Silver Award. Jon is an exemplary employee and model citizen. Not only is he an excellent lecturer and chemist, he also gives back to the community and is a wonderful mentor. His lecturing style is succinct, which assists in student learning. He is always willing and able to assist his students outside of class. Jon works tirelessly to better the community by working toward more equality with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity. He also volunteers to educate people about STEM fields by demonstrating chemical reactions and giving tours to schools that request them. To me, Jon has been an invaluable resource with regard to teaching chemistry pedagogies, acting as a backboard to bounce ideas off of, and by lending me his notes and other useful classroom materials. He is always willing and able to answer any questions I may have. Jon helped make my first year of teaching run smoothly. Jon Downing has positively impacted many lives and continues to do so. Thank you for your consideration of Jon for this honor.”

Kirsten Blanchette, Chemistry Instructor - Natural Sciences Division