Sterling Silver Award

Kandi Yates

Kandi Yates

Senior Administrative Assistant
Nursing Division

Employee of the Month

“Kandi Yates goes above and beyond every single day. Even though she has a director and 11 full-time faculty and five adjuncts demanding her time, she always has a minute for a smile and accepts added work with grace. She provides face-to-face contact with students and triages questions about the program. She is always professional, and all her work is done with precision and pride. Kandi is more than Sterling Silver - she is Gold! We value her as an integral team member.”

Gina Prindle, Director of Nursing - Nursing Division

“Kandi is the glue that keeps the nursing program going. I have never worked with someone who is as efficient, and can multi-task, as well as Kandi. She handles multiple demands from students and faculty, gets huge projects completed in a timely manner, and still takes the time to help us with numerous, odd issues that arise. I highly recommend her for this award.”

Marian Underdahl, Nursing Instructor - Nursing Division

“She works hard to meet the high demands of our department. I am impressed how she is able to multi-task and is always open to interruptions to answer questions or to take care of an issue promptly. Thank you Kandi for taking such good care of us.”

Nancy Murren, Nursing Instructor - Nursing Division

“Kandi has always gone above and beyond expectations in her job and she has always done it with a smile. She is timely in getting things done and is the formatting guru for all of our forms. She has been terrific to work with in all the years that I have been with the department. I am so happy to add my nominating vote for her to get this award!”

Marsha Becker, Nursing Instructor - Nursing Division

“I would like to nominate Kandi Yates for the Sterling Silver Award. Here are only a few of the reasons that Kandi deserves this award: I have been here five years and there has never been even one occasion that Kandi has said she doesn’t have time to address my need. She consistently stops what she’s doing and solves my problem (whether it is related to the location of computer documents, hard copies of student support materials, student files, copy machine challenges, reserving hospital meeting rooms, office supplies, clinical folder contents, etc., etc.). This all sounds nice, but the really amazing thing is that Kandi gets right back to the task she was involved in, without missing a step (wish I could be just a little like that).

“She’s organized and able to put her hands on anything in a matter of moments, and she knows where EVERYTHING is. Even though someone asks her for help and undoubtedly interrupts her thoughts and progress, she consistently laughs it off, addresses the issue, then gets back to her own work. And she’s like this with everybody: always happy (not just willing, but HAPPY) to help. Students come to her window; up she jumps to help them take care of their problems, then sends them off on their merry way.

“Kandi knows a lot about a lot, but doesn’t make me feel bad if I don’t know something; she has taught me SO MUCH. Kandi will walk me through doing something, then when I’m able to do it the next time, she’ll laugh when I tell her I did it without her! In summary, Kandi Yates is extremely talented and most deserving of the Sterling Silver Award. Her knowledge, skills, and congenial attitude make the intricate complexities of the HPN Department run smoothly and contribute to program satisfaction for students, staff and professionals.”

Peggy Wasserman, Nursing Instructor - Nursing Division

“From my very first day as an adjunct and then full time, Kandi has been there to help and support.  No matter how busy she is, she will take a moment to help and find an answer. She is a tremendous help to the students, in all matters.  She is our lifeline in this department. Besides being a very hard worker, she is a wonderful person with a big heart.”

Monica Rae Ponder, Nursing Instructor - Nursing Division

“Kandi is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and will stop at a moment’s notice to help someone or troubleshoot a problem. She seems to always get more things added to her to-do-list but somehow she manages to get everything completed and always does an outstanding job. The faculty in our department rely on Kandi's expertise in her position, helpful attitude and work ethic to make everything in the department run smoothly.”

Janice Ramirez, Nursing Instructor - Nursing Division

“It is with great pleasure I nominate Kandi Yates for the Silver Star Award. She is well-known throughout the Nursing Department for her collaboration and creativity. She frequently demonstrates her efficiency and skill while juggling the many tasks in her job description. A recent example is how while preparing a test for the nursing course, she noticed a significant lapse in procedure. She notified the appropriate individuals in time to make the changes necessary to avert student misunderstanding. She takes on multiple requests from student, staff, and faculty with enthusiasm. The combination of high standards and significant experience ensures she is a valuable member of our department.”

Joy Altizer, Nursing Instructor - Nursing Division

“Kandi's computer skills are outstanding. She can accomplish more in an hour than most could in an entire morning.”

Jane Edwards, Nursing Instructor - Nursing Division