Sterling Silver Award

Courtney Comer

Courtney Comer

Custodial Services/Facilities Operations

Employee of the Month

“Courtney takes such good care of us! Her attention to detail and dedication to keeping our classrooms clean really shows. We appreciate her so much!”

Amanda Williams, Teacher - Children’s Center

“Courtney is a fabulous help to our Children's Center! She is very vigilant and takes such great care of our school!”

Kari Harmon, Teacher - Children’s Center

“Courtney has done an amazing job taking care of the Children's Center. She makes sure that the job is done thoroughly each night. If there is ever a time where there needs to be a little more done, it always gets done. We appreciate the time and effort Courtney takes to make sure our learning environments are clean and safe for the children! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! We appreciate you!”

Laura Marshall, Teacher - Children’s Center

“Courtney is a blessing to the Children's Center building this year. She works hard to make this building look wonderful and is always willing to go the extra mile when she is ask (although she is rarely asked to do anything because she already does it all). We are very lucky to have her.”

Briana Werner, Teacher - Children’s Center

“I am nominating Courtney for taking such great care in making sure our classrooms are clean for us! It makes a huge difference for us in our daily duties.”

Neesa Myers, Former Children’s Center Teacher - Children’s Center