Sterling Silver Award

Marty Bruner

Marty Bruner

Adult Education Center

Employee of the Month

“I have known and worked with Marty for more than 10 years. She is a positive presence in the NIC community and maintains a student-centered focus. Her cheerfulness is contagious, and I have never known her to back away from a challenge. She works with a population that requires flexibility and consistency. Marty is all about what is best for students and colleagues. I am pleased to nominate Marty Bruner for this award.”

Judith George, Coordinator - Village Project

“Please consider Marty Bruner for a well-deserved NIC Sterling Silver Award. Marty works tirelessly, advising students in the Adult Education Center. She always has a smile on her face while helping students through what is sometimes a difficult and overwhelming time for them. She is dedicated to the success of the AEC students and truly connects with them. I know that when we refer students to the AEC, they will be in good hands. Also, Marty is a team player and always pleasant to work with even with the staggering amount of students coming through the doors. Thank you for your consideration for Marty. She is the best!”

Annette Griffard, Student Support Services Administrative Assistant - Career and Technical Education

“I enthusiastically nominate Marty Bruner for the Sterling Silver Award! Marty is exceptional, and represents NIC with great integrity. She works diligently to assess students, and set them up for success. In my years of working with her, I have appreciated her consistency, professionalism, enthusiasm, and genuine commitment to serving students, staff, and faculty.”

DeAnn Johnson, Advisor for Completion and Transferability - Advising Services

“I have had the pleasure of working with Marty Bruner for over 15 years and would like to nominate her for the Sterling Silver Award. Marty is a valuable asset to both staff and students. Her enthusiasm and commitment are second to none. Her welcoming smile, positive attitude, empathy and willingness to bend over backwards to accommodate students are some of her many engaging qualities. Students that attended our program over the past 15 years still stop by to say hello and thank her for the confidence she gave them to conquer their educational goals. I hope that you will give Marty your strongest consideration. She is very worthy of this award!”

Mary Edwards, Program Coordinator - Adult Education Center

“It is with great pleasure that I am able to nominate Marty Bruner, Adult Education Center’s student advisor, for the Sterling Silver Employee of the Month Award. Adult Education students have benefited tremendously from Marty Bruner's employment the last 15 years. Her commitment to student success is unparalleled, as she works tirelessly to help students reach their educational goals. Marty takes time to greet each student, make them feel welcome, and to celebrate their successes with energetic high fives. The appreciation that the AEC staff receives from students is a direct reflection of Marty Bruner’s exemplary dedication to task. Marty always brings energy and commitment to her job responsibilities. Her professionalism, commitment and strong work ethic has earned her praise and respect. Marty goes above and beyond and seeks out new opportunities for student program completion and success. I have been continually impressed with her can-do attitude, work ethic, and her contributions to the AEC team.”

Laura Umthun, Director/Instructor - Adult Education Center

“I work with Marty Bruner at the Adult Education Center here at NIC. We prepare students to take the GED and prepare college students to place into higher-level math courses at NIC. I can tell you that Marty always works tirelessly for each student and she goes out of her way to support her fellow employees. I have worked here at North Idaho College for almost one year, and Marty has made me feel welcome and a part of the team from day one. I know that I can go to her for any concerns I have with students, testing, placement, and so on. I can even tell Marty all about the silly antics of my dog, Eris, and she laughs and tells me how much she likes my stories. Marty is just a superb person. She makes every single person that comes through our doors feel welcome and appreciated whether they are students or staff. Marty is a joy to work with and I truly feel that she is deserving of this award! I hope that Marty never retires because I honestly cannot imagine the Adult Education Center without her. She always arrives at the center early and works hard the entire day. I wish I had a fraction of her energy! I truly appreciate having a coworker like her. I have so many reasons why I love working here at NIC and working with Marty is one of them! Thank you for your consideration of giving Marty Bruner the NIC Sterling Silver Award for February 2017. I wholeheartedly believe she deserves it, along with a great big gold star for being such a wonderful person to work with!”

Bucky McKenzie, Part-time Instructor - Adult Education Center, Coeur d’Alene

“I have known Marty for four years. The first experience was as a volunteer in the Adult Education Center. She gave an outstanding all-day training for the volunteers and I have been to many trainings for volunteers. She was always so appreciative of my time and gave me good feedback. I am now the monitor for GED testing and I observe her interaction with the students. She is upbeat, positive, and a good listener. All of those qualities make her ideal candidate for the Sterling Silver Employee of the Month Award.”

Jeni St. Claire, GED Proctor - Adult Education Center

“It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know Marty Bruner, Student Advisor of the Adult Education Center. I work closely with Marty daily, and I continue to see (and can always count on) her positivity, warm smile, and tireless efforts in accommodating students, instructors, and staff to the best of her ability. She is always courteous and displays a helpful attitude towards staff and students. Students often remember Marty after weeks, months, and even years due to the kindness she shows them. Marty is always “IN” and is a gem! I’m grateful to work alongside her at the Adult Education Center. Thank you Marty for all you do!”

Sabrina Jenkins, Administrative Assistant - Adult Education Center