Sterling Silver Award

Josh Gittel

Josh Gittel

Business Office

Employee of the Month

“In thinking about all the employees on campus who deserve accolades for contributions to campus life, I am reminded about a relatively “new” person to campus who consistently delivers quality service to our employees. Josh Gittel, once a student here, joined the employee ranks a few years ago. As an accountant in the Business Office, he is involved with many aspects of daily accounting service from managing fund accounts to working directly with payroll and retirement processes. Josh is a unique individual who has the ability to see the big picture, yet work competently on the small details. He brings a level-headedness to all the tasks he handles, and is thoughtful in his planning for process changes. Josh works directly with individuals in departments as they manage budgetary and human resource issues, as well as directly for employees as they make inquiries regarding fiscal and payroll related items. I have seen first-hand how he conducts himself on a daily basis, and I am always, always impressed with his proactive and consistent behavior. He is capable and willing to assist or lead ... these traits make him both versatile and valuable across our campus community. Josh has a quiet and unassuming personality, and his head and heart are in the right place, making him the perfect asset for our organization. NIC is a much better place because Josh works here, and I think it is important to tell our coworkers how much we appreciate what they do every day. Please consider Josh for the Sterling Silver Award as a way to recognize and thank him for being part of our ‘NIC time warp’ - We hope he remains here for a long while! With warmest regards to my friend and coworker ... Thank you!”

Betsy Conery, Senior Administrative Assistant - Communication and Fine Arts

“It’s a pleasure to nominate Josh Gittel for the Sterling Silver Award. Josh is everything you would want to have in a financial professional. He is intuitive, conscientious, forward-thinking, a great listener, and an excellent communicator/interpreter. He is able to take a complicated issue and determine a reasonable solution that works well for all involved. His attention to detail is superb, yet he is also able to see the overall goal. Josh does all of this with a quiet smile and a great sense of humor that appears when you least expect it (but when you really need a laugh). Josh also serves on the College Senate as a staff senator, and his participation in college governance benefits us all. Thank you for your consideration of Josh for this award. He is a most deserving candidate.”

Sandra Jacquot, Assistant Controller - Business Office

“Josh has been an amazing addition to the Business Office team. He has a positive attitude and infectious smile. His hard work and dedication shows in everything he does. He can be counted on to pitch in on any situation, even when it's not his job. He handles the pressure of his grants and payroll with ease. He is truly deserving to be recognized as Sterling Silver! 10 points to you Josh!”

Jessica Grantham, Accountant - Business Office

“Josh has been key to the success of NIC's Aerospace grant project prior to the proposal being submitted and funded. Since the $2.97M award, he has taken on the added duties of quarterly fiscal reporting to the U.S. Department of Labor without missing a beat. During the September 2014 on-site monitoring visit by U.S. DOL officials, Josh managed to wow the visiting inspector during three days of close scrutiny of the project's accounting; all during a week that included payroll processing and the college's annual independent audit. Josh shares a positive attitude and constant smile through all his many tasks, and has a positive influence on all those he encounters. He's well deserving of NIC's Sterling Silver Award!”

Patrick O’Halloran, Aerospace Director - Aerospace

“Josh Gittel defines ‘Sterling Silver.’ In case you don't know, Josh started his career at NIC as an ASNIC president, and NIC once again has the good fortune to count him not just as one of our own but one of our best and brightest. In goes without saying that he is an exemplary accountant, but Josh also has the finesse to talk to people on campus about their accounting habits and they come away from it saying ‘Wow, what a nice guy!’ You probably have noticed that Josh always has the same smile and calm demeanor every time you see him and that is because he really is always calm and pleasant. When something just doesn't add up, Josh will quickly assess the situation, give his recommendations and he is always right on the mark. Which leads us to one morning last summer, I walked into his office and said, ‘I know this isn't your job to resolve this, but this doesn't sound right to me and I just need to hear your logical thoughts so I'll know how to proceed.’ He responded as he always does-quick, thorough, professional, courteous, and right on the mark. Josh is the ultimate Eagle Scout accountant and I am very grateful that Josh is a part of NIC.”

Carol Jones, Executive Assistant - Business Office

“I work with Josh a lot and always appreciate his knowledge and his humor, as well as the fact that he will commiserate with me over the idiosyncrasies of the system. Also, he wasn't offended when I compared him to a kid on the Disney Channel!”

Suzie Deane, Information and Metrics Analyst - Human Resources Office

“I am honored to add to the nomination for Josh Gittel to receive the Sterling Silver Award. He is a true professional, one of the most dedicated, hard-working, detailed, team colleague, whom provides service with a contagious smile, and is a pleasure to work with. He always offers to help, completes all requests within what seems to be speed of lightning time, does an excellent job, always a positive attitude, and truly cares about what he does and everyone he works with. Knowing he was a past North Idaho College ASNIC President, makes me smile, as I am sure he was an amazing ASNIC President, as he exemplifies excellence on a daily basis, and is very deserving of the Sterling Silver Award.”

Leslie Slinkard, Senior Administrative Assistant - Health Professions and Nursing

“Josh Gittel... how do I describe him? He always has a smile on his face. He is always patient. He always answers his phone... even when he can see my name and knows that it is me calling usually with a problem. He is always willing to take the time to explain things. He never loses his cool. He seemed to handle being the only ‘guy’ in the office like a champ... now Chris is here to help balance the office. I think Josh is a wonderful employee, coworker, and the ideal person to receive the Sterling Silver Award.”

Nancy Edwards, Senior Administrative Assistant - Student Development