Sterling Silver Award

Debbie Stone

Debbie Stone

Custodial Services/Facilities Operations

Employee of the Month

“I frequently marvel at how new this building still looks and then it occurs to me that much of that is because it's so spotless. Debbie is our night elf who is rarely seen but takes such excellent care of the building in which we spend most of our days. She treats Seiter Hall as if it were her own home and it's a pleasure to come in each day. Whenever I cross paths with Debbie, the devotion and respect she has for her job, for NIC, and for students and staff alike, is clearly evident. Thank you, thank you!”

Angela Earnhart, Math Instructor - Math, Computer Science, and Engineering Division

“Debbie Stone provides exceptional custodial service to Seiter Hall. I have observed Debbie doing many behind-the-scenes acts of kindness such as disinfecting every student desk in my classroom, to help keep our students well. With creativity and a good attitude she has been known to clean whatever out of the ordinary comes her way. One of the best parts of my occasionally working late is the opportunity to spend a few minutes visiting with Debbie. Her warm smile and encouraging words are always appreciated. Debbie is an all-around great asset to NIC!”

Cynthia Nelson, Math Instructor - Math, Computer Science, and Engineering Division

“We are so lucky to have Debbie Stone cleaning Seiter Hall. Just looking around the building, I would have to say that it would be difficult to clean, but it always looks neat and tidy and welcoming for our students. In addition, Debbie is so cheerful and welcoming herself when I come in early in the mornings. She is nearing the end of her day and still has a kind word of greeting for me.

Her positive attitude and the clean surroundings of Seiter Hall make each day better for everyone!”

Susanne Bromley, Math Instructor - Math, Computer Science, and Engineering Division

“Sometimes we forget about the folks that come in during the night and/or weekends when most of us aren't here and I feel Debbie needs to be recognized. She goes above and beyond in keeping Seiter Hall clean and safe for all who grace these halls during the day and I personally don't thank her enough. Our garbage is emptied, the floors vacuumed, paper towels and toilet paper are never empty, the floors and whiteboards are cleaned and doors are shut if instructors left them opened.  Some would say that this is her job and yes that is true but, Debbie goes above her job by taking ownership and wanting to make sure all is well. She has stayed late after her shift to wait for me and let me know of concerns or that she is taking vacation and some of the things might not be done during her time away. She leaves me little notes if a question arises and she leaves found items on my desk with a note of where they were found. At one time, she left me a bunch of paper notebooks that still could be used in a garbage can. Her note said that she thought our division can always use paper. She cares and ‘She is IN!!!’ Thanks Debbie. We all appreciate you.”

Marlene Spencer, Senior Administrative Assistant - Math, Computer Science, and Engineering Division

“Debbie is a valuable asset to the college. She does a great job keeping our building safe and clean.”

Dean Garwood, Geology Instructor - Natural Sciences Division

“Debbie does an amazing job here in Seiter. We have one of the cleanest, nicest buildings on campus thanks to her. Since she works nights, we all feel she does not get the recognition she deserves and would like to remedy that.”

Carrie Gibson, Math Instructor - Math, Computer Science, and Engineering Division