Sterling Silver Award

Eddie Nelson

Eddie Nelson

Production Supervisor
Dining Services

Employee of the Month

“Eddie is an amazing chef, but that is not the reason for this nomination. I believe Eddie goes above and beyond to represent NIC well at every event we have that involves catering services. Eddie is always willing to use his excellent skills to provide delicious food for banquets, receptions, parties, and events regardless of the time of day these activities are scheduled. He always adds a touch of flare or elegance to the presentation of the food which effectively matches the setting for the event. More importantly Eddie does his job with a smile on his face and kindness in his heart. Even when he has a bit of perspiration on his brow as he hurries to put the final touches on another fabulous meal (like when the legislature arrives an hour earlier than scheduled for breakfast) his verbal response to any request is always kind and accommodating. NIC is so fortunate to have a talented chef who does his best to demonstrate community engagement by bringing people together around food.”

Lita Burns, Vice President for Instruction - Office of Instruction

“Eddie is a pleasure to work with and always has a willing attitude. His culinary skills are amazing and ordering food from him is sure to be delightful. I would like to nominate Eddie for the Sterling Silver Award so he can be recognized for his hard work and dedication to North Idaho College.”

Michelle Bristow, Programs Assistant - ASNIC

“I really appreciate all the contributions Eddie makes to the campus, he is always willing to find a solution and make things work for our students. He is creative and fun and I know if I make a request, he will figure it out. He has helped me teach students throughout the years by engaging them in conversations, and being flexible and patient. Eddie is a true campus-wide partner that helps make NIC wonderful.”

Heather Erikson, Assistant Director of Student Development - Student Activities and ASNIC

“Eddie definitely deserves the Sterling Silver Award for his dedication and commitment to excellence in preparing great food for the students, staff, and faculty. I had the pleasure of working with Eddie in planning the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society induction ceremony dinner for new members every Spring Semester, and Eddie was a delight to work with a ‘can do’ attitude and all within my budget. He truly deserves this award!”

Lynn Hill, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Communications and Marketing Department