Sterling Silver Award

Melissa Milton

Melissa Milton

P/T Assistant Floating Teacher
Children's Center

Employee of the Month

“I am nominating Melissa Milton for the NIC Employee Sterling Silver Award for her dedication to the NIC Children's Center. Melissa demonstrates a warm and welcoming attitude toward everyone who she encounters. She strives to make and maintain great relationships with the children, families, and faculty of the program. Melissa demonstrates flexibility and wears many hats which contributes greatly to the smooth operation of the Children's Center. She is proud to be an employee of North Idaho College and is the perfect candidate for this award. She would be honored to receive this recognition!”

Debbie Fields, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center

“Melissa is absolutely amazing! She is always available, ready, and willing to step in where someone is needed. I cannot even begin to explain how many times she has helped me in acts and given me advice. She really deserves this award. Talk to her for five minutes and you will definitely understand why.”

Amanda Williams, P/T Classroom Assistant - Children’s Center

“Melissa is an incredible teammate. She is supportive, always willing to jump in and go above and beyond!”

April Gouveia, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center

“Melissa is amazing! She keeps a positive and flexible attitude, even through long hours. She has developed positive relationships that support the families in our care. She is hard working and makes me laugh.”

Felicia Hopkins, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center

“Melissa has gone above and beyond her job description and been a positive influence to our entire staff.”

Katherine Marsan, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center

“We are so thankful for Melissa. She always comes to work with a smile, takes time to say ‘Hi’ to the kids in each classroom and is flexible with our ever-changing schedule. The kids love her and we couldn't do it without her. Thank you, Melissa, for all you do.”

Brandell Wall, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center

“Melissa is committed to supporting all her fellow employees and providing nurturing care to all children enrolled. She trained me for my job at the Children's Center and is very knowledgeable about both the program and children's developmental needs. Melissa deserves this award because she does everything she can to help the center run smoothly, with a big smile!”

Lauren Lepinski, P/T Classroom Assistant - Children’s Center

“Melissa is always the first to ask if we need help, and most commonly, she is asking during her break time. She comes early, stays late, and lends a hand wherever it is needed. If we have a baby who really needs to sleep and our hands are full, she'll snuggle the baby for us until he or she goes to sleep. She really deserves to win employee of the month. She goes so far above and beyond what her job asks of her.”

Bethany Elliott, P/T Classroom Assistant -Children’s Center

“Melissa has an amazing work ethic, attitude, heart, and spirit. She brings joy to the Children's Center and brightens the room when she walks in. Melissa always goes the extra mile and builds sincere relationships with coworkers and the families she works with. It truly is a blessing to work by her side.”

Briana Rae Werner, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center

“Melissa is a person who goes above and beyond her call of employee required duties. She has a huge heart that is shown to all through her actions toward the children and those that she works with in the center. She is constantly checking in with her team to see if they are in need of any assistance and often volunteers her own time to help. The children in the infant class often snuggle up to her and go to sleep. She is a very valued employee at the Children's Center and I am happy to have the pleasure of working with her!”

Valinda Scarborough, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center

”Melissa is always willing to help and has a positive attitude even when times get hard! We appreciate her so much!”

Laura McKenna, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center

“Melissa brings a breath of fresh air to the center on a daily basis. She is well loved by the both the children and the staff. Melissa makes sure she personally greets everyone as she begins her busy day. I would like to add that her day never gets too busy to stop and hold a crying baby or to cheer up a fellow worker. She always goes that extra mile, above and beyond her call of duty!”

Donna Fuller, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center

“Melissa is a ray of sunshine and a HUGE support to her team. She consistently goes above and beyond her job duties by always checking in with everyone and sharing her shining attitude. She takes initiative and gets done what she sees needs done without being asked, and even if it's to help others out. Simple things like stopping by each classroom to take their dishes at the end of the day or always saying good morning and goodbye to each person are ways that she lifts her team's spirit! Her loving spirit touches not only the staff she works with, but she also shares strong relationships with the families and children. Melissa puts the team's needs above her own and we are a better program because of it! Melissa ROCKS!!!”

Jolie Wenglikowski, Director - Children’s Center

“Melissa is an absolutely amazing asset to have on the team here at the Children's Center. She is always the first to jump in and lend a hand to any teacher, child, student, or family. She willingly takes on extra work to support her team. She easily does the job of two people, wears many hats, and always does so with a wonderful attitude. She brings a smile to each child's face and they run to her every time they see her. She truly is great person and is always giving.”

Jessica Geiger, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Children’s Center

“Melissa is a huge part of our team at the NIC Children's Center. She is dedicated and puts forth extra effort whenever needed. She is constantly running around attempting to be five people at once, and helping others before herself. She is selfless, dedicated, hard-working, generous, helpful, considerate, and so much more. She deserves the Sterling Silver Award because she is dedicated and passionate. She is a hard-working student and single mom, who deserves the best! Melissa always puts the children and others before herself, and you can see her passion when working with the children. I hope that she continues to be a part of the team at NIC, spreading her passion and dedication to others around her. She is a Rock Star!”

Ashley Wetherelt, Classroom Teacher - Children’s Center