Sterling Silver Award

Annette Moore

Annette Moore

Senior Payroll Technician
Business Office

Employee of the Month

“Simply the best! Annette is one of those quiet, behind the scenes types whose efforts and work often go unnoticed, because she does her job so incredibly well. Annette has been a great addition to NIC and has worked very hard to ensure that payroll at NIC is always 100% on time and 100% accurate. She is a great addition to the team and her commitment to excellence is the reason she is beyond a doubt worthy of the Sterling Silver Award. The truth is if we could clone Annette, we would! She's truly IN for NIC.”

Chris Martin, Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs

“From the moment Annette Moore arrived in the Business Office she has made an effort to step into new roles and provide help as needed. She is intelligent, capable, and willing to learn. Most importantly, Annette has a great work ethic. She gladly takes on added responsibilities and adjusts to an ever-changing, extremely busy office environment with enthusiasm. It is a pleasure to work with Annette! Her helpful spirit provides buoyancy to those around her... she remains calm under pressure and delivers support to those who may feel like they are sinking. When you work with Annette, you can always count on her to complete the task or project at hand, and she does so with a smile. Additionally, Annette provides a high level of customer service to NIC’s employees. This is a wonderful attribute of someone who works with payroll, as employees know they are able to approach her with questions and she is available and willing to offer answers. NIC is extremely fortunate to have Annette working in the Business Office! Please honor Annette with the Sterling Silver Award so she has a reminder of her importance and worth to our NIC community. Thank you Annette for all you do every day! Smiles. =)”

Betsy Conery, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Communication and Fine Arts Division

“It’s hard to put into words how much Annette has impacted our office since her internship as our ‘Girl Friday’ a couple years ago. Annette has been an incredible asset in her role as the Senior Payroll Technician. Her work ethic, can-do attitude, and professionalism are irreplaceable. She provides outstanding customer service and works diligently to ensure payroll runs like clockwork every two weeks. Annette pitches in wherever she is needed and truly represents the I’m IN mentality!”

Jessica Grantham, Senior Accountant - Business Office and PT BUSA Instructor - Business
and Professional Programs Division

“I call Annette ‘Sunshine.’ She deals with all of the incoming paperwork for new hires like a champ. Not to mention getting payroll completed every two weeks! When I mess up, she is always nice! Annette is just great to work with and I think she definitely deserves to be recognized!”

Teresa Henderson, Employment Recruiter - Human Resources Office

“I love working with Annette. She is always cheerful and upbeat, and she laughs at my jokes! Things don't always go perfectly, but we are always able to work them out together and commiserate with each other. People like Annette make NIC a great place to work!”

Suzie Deane, Information and Metrics Analyst - Human Resources Office

“Annette is amazing. She goes above and beyond with all that she does. Annette has been our Senior Payroll Technician for over a year and does a great job to make sure that all employees are paid timely and accurately. Although Annette is our payroll technician, she has also been helping out in other areas of the office especially with Accounts Payable processing. She is very efficient and is always looking to improve processes and efficiencies. Many may not know that Annette was an intern in our office a couple years ago while she was finishing up school at NIC. She did such an amazing job, that she was offered to continue working part time after her internship ended. She continued to work part time, although she was working a full-time position elsewhere. We were very fortunate to hire her full time and steal her from her other employer. Annette is a great example of someone that is IN and truly Sterling Silver quality!”

Josh Gittel, Senior Accountant - Business Office

“Annette and I work closely together on different sections of the payroll process. Annette takes employee communication and customer service very seriously and is willing to go the extra step to make sure that employee's expectations are met. She is professional, hard-working, an excellent communicator, and is always helpful. Thank you very much Annette for your hard work!”

Jett Dougherty, Former Assistant Director - Human Resources Office

“North Idaho College is very fortunate to have such an outstanding employee. Annette's work ethic is not only exemplary, she exhibits professionalism in all of her interaction, with patience, efficiency, and has an incredible attitude toward others as well as her work. She never complains, and is always willing to learn, and help others whenever she can. Am very honored to nominate Annette as she is very, very deserving of the Sterling Silver Award. Thank you Annette for all you do for everyone here at North Idaho College.”

Leslie Slinkard, Sr. Administrative Assistant to HPN Dean - Health Professions and Nursing Division
and Center for New Directions