Sterling Silver Award

Pam Noah

Pam Noah

Development Coordinator
Development/NIC Foundation

Employee of the Month

“Pam has been part of the NIC family since 2002 when she was originally hired by the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division. We were fortunate she chose to join our Development Department team in 2005! Pam is a natural at building relationships and securing resources to fund important NIC needs ranging from student scholarships to program support. Pam is always willing to do what’s best for NIC students and employees, and she brings a unique perspective given she’s worked in instructional and student support services roles.

Pam’s deep commitment to the value of education is evident in her work and her personal life. She actively promotes higher education and training to future students, she serves as a resource for so many students and families as they navigate the education system and processes, and she always goes the extra mile to ensure students have awareness and access to funding to assist them in their pursuit of their educational goals.

Pam is treasured and trusted by her colleagues, donors, and volunteers. Her efforts truly do help to change lives ... one student at a time!”

- Rayelle Anderson, Director of Development/NIC Foundation Executive Director

“Pam is an extremely dedicated employee who works very hard to ensure excellence in the workplace. In addition to her great work ethic, she is also an invaluable team player for our department. There is never a doubt that I can count on her to help out in a pinch - no matter the day or time. Pam’s fun personality brightens each day in the office and I feel truly blessed to have her as a co-worker.”

- Kristen McFadden, Data and Resource Coordinator - Development/NIC Foundation

“I work closely with Pam on many different projects throughout the year and have grown to recognize her as one of the most reliable and conscientious employees on our campus. Whether it's pulling together the content for publications or working with committees on projects such as the Foundation Grant Program or Employee Giving, she has an innate ability to bring together multiple people with a wide variety of input and organize everything in the most efficient way for everyone involved. But that's not even the best attribute that Pam exudes. She works so well with people because she has a genuine love for people and their stories--their struggles, success, and varying viewpoints--that brings a richness to her work with the Development Department and the work of the NIC Foundation and brings people together. Pam loves NIC, and NIC is a better place because of her!”

- Stacy Hudson, Director of Communications and Marketing

“Pam does an amazing job coordinating the donor end of nearly $1 million in scholarship money. She works closely with Financial Aid to ensure this money is distributed to students in an accordance to donor's wishes- which is a very time consuming and detail-oriented job! She also takes the lead on several events, grant reports, marketing pieces, the employee giving campaign and loads of other tasks like cleaning out the refrigerator! She is fun to work with and cares about her fellow employees- always lending a helping hand and taking a true interest in us and our work.”

- Lindsay Suto, Former Alumni Relations and Development Coordinator, Development/NIC Foundation