Sterling Silver Award

Holly Edwards

Holly Edwards

TRIO Student Support Services

Employee of the Month

“I have worked with Holly for many years at North Idaho College. Holly is committed to education, her profession, but most importantly, to students. Holly is a worker. She serves on various standing and ad hoc committees and is a leader among her peers. I’ve worked with Holly closely on many committees over the years and her interactions are always welcoming, collaborative, and responsive. When Holly commits to a project, the work gets done! I feel honored to be Holly’s colleague. Her expectations are nothing less than the very best for herself and those she works with. I hope you will consider her as Employee of the Month.”

Karen Ruppel, Division Chair Health Professions Programs, Health Professions Division

“Holly Edwards is an impactful leader and role model on NIC's campus. She works diligently in her role in advising, leading and assisting students, staff, and faculty within and outside of the TRIO program. I recently just had the chance to work closely with Holly and her work ethic is admirable. Holly is easily one of the most focused and time-on-task individuals I've met here at NIC.”

Caleb Weeks, Student and Part-time Custodian - Auxiliary Services

“Holly did an outstanding job leading the recent search for the Dean of Enrollment Management. Holly was highly organized, transparent, collaborative, and attentive to the needs of her team and the charge. She demonstrated professionalism and tact every step of the way. I highly recommend her for this award.”

Kassie Silvas, Dean of Outreach and Dean of Career, Technical, and Workforce Education - Office of Advanced Opportunities

“Holly Edwards exemplifies North Idaho College's sincere commitment to students. Through her daily work, positive approach, and excellence of service, we benefit from her professionalism. She serves in many roles on campus exceedingly well. It is a true pleasure to work with Holly!”

DeAnn Johnson, Advisor for Completion and Transferability - Advising Services

“I have never known anyone quite like Holly Edwards. I feel blessed to have the extreme pleasure of working alongside her as both an employee and as a student for many years. She is truly a friend to students, an energetic and fun coworker, and the most amazing leader - quiet, steady... selfless. Words I would use to describe Holly include: intelligent, approachable, connected, empathetic, dedicated, passionate, trustworthy, compassionate, team player, humble, engaged, and consummate professional. But these words don’t tell the whole story. Holly is filled with and directed by the strongest sense of integrity and unswerving ethical decision making. She is also a lot of fun! She is positive in all situations, committed to team and student alike, and personifies a positive, strengths-based perspective in all things. She is equally approachable by students and staff alike. She deeply cares about the mission of North Idaho College, TRiO Student Support Services, and believes without question in the power of education to transform and empower our students’ lives. She quietly and consistently personifies everything a good leader is supposed to be. She is simply amazing! Holly Edwards deserves the Sterling Silver Award!”

Chris Green, Career Counselor/Advisor - TRIO Student Support Services

“Holly is an amazing supervisor who always has the time to put her employees first, no matter how busy she may be! She is very deserving of this award.”

Kim Sumners, Part-time Sr. Administrative Assistant - TRIO Student Support Services

“Holly exhibits a commitment to the values and mission of NIC, its students, administration, staff, and faculty every day and in every way. With students, she is compassionate, helpful, and fair. With staff and faculty, she is professional and shows outstanding leadership as exhibited in the various committees she either chairs or is a member of. Holly is dedicated to utilizing best practices and serving students in ways that maximize their engagement, enjoyment, and success at NIC. I greatly admire Holly for her leadership, expertise as an advisor/mentor, and her positive attitude no matter what the day may bring. She is the first person many of us go to when we have a problem or just need a kind word or smile. I believe Holly should be recognized for all she brings to TRIO and North Idaho College; she is more than deserving of the Sterling Silver Award.”

Becky Cochran, Program Coordinator/Math Instructor - TRIO Student Support Services/
Math, Computer Science, and Engineering Division

“Holly Edwards defines dedication. She works endless hours to make sure NIC furnishes the best TRIO-Support program. However, Holly’s dedication reaches beyond TRIO. She is a leader within the NIC community who inspires a culture of caring, diversity, and student success.”

Ryan Scott, Access Specialist - Disability Support Services

“Holly Edwards embodies being ‘IN’ at NIC! She is IN as the director of our TRIO program, she is IN the Strategic Enrollment Management Committee, she is IN the VPSS Leadership Team, she is IN as the chair of our burgeoning Common Read Committee, she is IN by serving on the search committee for our new Dean of Enrollment Services, and she is IN representing NIC as the State President of the Idaho Association of TRIO Professionals (IATP). All of these things describe things she does and is involved in... and it is A LOT!

“What it doesn't adequately describe is who Holly is. Holly Edwards loses sleep over the plight of her TRIO students and works tirelessly to ensure they have what they need to be successful not only at college but as people. Holly Edwards cares so much for the NIC initiatives she is involved in to put in countless hours of extra work, networking, phone calls, and organizing into making something like our home-grown Cardinal Reads a reality and developing presence at NIC and the Coeur d'Alene community.

“Holly Edwards smiles when she is tired, encourages others even when her own energies are flagging, and is the first to point out a silver lining in a tough situation - no matter how hard it is for the rest of us to see it. Holly Edwards was the first person I thought of when the idea of being IN at NIC was first introduced two years ago at convocation, and I smile each time I see her in her T-shirt.

“I don't know if NIC modeled the ‘I'm IN’ program after Holly, but I do know that if we as a college want to truly lift up and celebrate someone who is the incarnation of what we are trying to do with our Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG), Holly would be the very best person to choose.”

Kathleen Miller Green, Child Development Instructor - Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

“I am not only nominating Holly Edwards for the Sterling Silver Award, but also, the 100 other Holly Edwards that must exist because she is EVERYWHERE! Holly does a fantastic job as the TRIO director, AND she never hesitates to serve our campus beyond her formal job description. As the chair of search committees, the member of MANY committees throughout campus, and even serving as the IATP president for 2017-2018, Holly makes it happen! Thank you for your continued commitment to NIC, Holly. You are clearly IN!”

Teresa Borrenpohl, Enrollment Coordinator - Enrollment Services