Sterling Silver Award

Dalona Lee

Dalona Lee

Sr. Administrative Assistant
College Skills Division

Employee of the Month

"During the past three months, College Skills has had some challenges and Dalona has adapted to change in a very professional manner. She has a new division chair and has had to manager her job as senior administrative assistant while be extremely flexible to working at the Testing Center" they have been shorthanded all semester. The Testing Center is a very fast paced, high energy place to work. I can attest to this because I helped out for a few days. I witnessed how efficient Dalona was at managing the numerous students and instructors who visit the Testing Center - plus she trained me. Dalona went above and beyond duties for a senior admin. She jumped right in to help her fellow coworkers at the Testing Center. She is extremely conscientious of providing exceptional customer service, internally and externally. She is very well organized and able to juggle multiple tasks in any given moment. She is definitely Super Girl! I watched her in action and was impressed knowing that she has done her tasks at the College Skills center and has performed a lot of additional work at the Testing Center all with a happy attitude and genuine care for her fellow coworkers. Dalona is a great team player and willing to help in any capacity. If there is a difficult challenge, Dalona will be there to help out. NIC should really appreciate all the extra work that Dalona has done over at the Testing Center. I know that I do.”

Cathy Sparks, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Office of Instruction

“It is with great pleasure that I nominate Dalona Lee for the Sterling Silver Award. I've known her for 10 years and have worked with her on many projects. Dalona's 27 years at NIC have given her a wealth of experience, and I've benefited from her wisdom so many times. She is generous with her time and talents and only wants the best for North Idaho College. I see her as a leader and a mentor, and feel very fortunate to also call her my friend.”

Robin McLeod, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Molstead Library

“In addition to being one of the most competent employees at North Idaho College, Dalona Lee is one of friendliest and most helpful people you'll ever want to meet! When I was new to my position in Social and Behavioral Sciences Division, Dalona was always there to answer my questions, no matter how busy she was. The College Skills Division can be very hectic at times, but Dalona's demeanor never changes -- she's always cool, calm, and collected. It's obvious to anyone who's paying attention that she cares deeply for NIC's students and will go above and beyond to help them achieve their educational goals. Employees like Dalona are what make NIC such a special place to work! For these reasons, I would like to nominate Dalona Lee for the Sterling Silver Employee of the Month Award.”

Kelly Hopkins, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

“Dalona is such a delight to work with. She is kind, caring, and is always motivated to assist others. When I was a new hire, she welcomed me as part of the Administrative Assistant team and showed support by allowing me to connect with her with any concerns. She was patient and joyful when I asked her a billion questions. She offered a kind listening ear when I needed to release the stress of a situation and effortlessly offered guidance. It was because she assisted in my training with joy and compassion that made a huge difference while learning something new. I am now more comfortable and confident in my role and I ever grateful for her support. She truly is a STAR and deserves recognition for all the many wonderful things she does every day. Thanks Dalona!”

Liz Adkinson, Sr. Administrative Assistant - English and Humanities Division