Sterling Silver Award

Michele Sandberg

Michele Sandberg

Operations Manager
Workforce Training and Community Education

Employee of the Month

“Michele has gone above and beyond in her duties and obligations as Operations Manager here at the Workforce Training Center. She is always positive and encourages her staff to not only meet their personal and professional goals, but exceed them. She has a balance between having fun and getting the job done. Her impact on the staff has been tremendous. When she sets her eye on a project, she will make sure it’s completed and done with precision and strong execution skills. She has been a huge factor in the success of the Workforce Training Center.”

Sarah Martin, Customer Service Representative I - Workforce Training and Community Education

“I would like to nominate Michele Sandberg for the Sterling Silver Employee of the Month Award. Michele has consistently demonstrated impeccable leadership skills, exemplifying what it means to influence, motivate, and enable us to contribute to the success of our unit’s mission statement. She has weathered many changes here at the Workforce Training Center in the past year, including the addition of several new employees. As one of the newer employees, I can verify that she ensures all new employees feel welcome and that their tasks and duties are clear. We have room to make mistakes without feeling ashamed. She leads by example and always has time for a conversation, motivational speech, suggestion, or sympathetic ear. She is one of the first to arrive in the morning and one of the last to leave, yet not once has she ever lost her temper or acted exasperated by our many antics in the office. Quite the opposite, in fact - most of the time she gladly joins in and shows her wonderful sense of humor, playfulness, and understanding that one can have fun at work while still maintaining professionalism. She has demonstrated over and over again that she cares not just for the employees under her umbrella, but also for the students we serve here. She never acts like she is above performing any task that is customer service related... as a matter of fact, there have been times I have had to encourage her to allow me to complete the task so she can continue to complete her own assigned tasks. She has vision for the future and always asks for feedback from everyone in the office. She operates with full transparency and we know that all opinions are valued. In short, I cannot think of a person more deserving than Michele Sandberg for the Sterling Silver Employee of the Month Award.”

Keri Simonet, Customer Service Representative - Workforce Training and Community Education

“Michele truly cares about her staff and faculty. As an operations manager, she works hard to make each of us feel appreciated, valued, and respected. She is a joy in our workplace. Michele makes sure we're all taken care of. When one of our staff was out, she encouraged us all to do a meal train. She also went well out of her way to get flowers and a treat basket for a staff member who had a death in their family. She goes above and beyond! We so appreciate her!”

Michelle Garrett, Employment and Training Service Program Specialist - Workforce Training and Community Education

“Upon being hired as our Operations Manager for the Workforce Training Center, Michele Sandberg has become the leader that this unit needs to bring the WTC and each of us to the next level of our ultimate potential! She has systematically defined and restructured our positions and processes so that we operate more effectively, efficiently, and harmoniously. Her cheerful disposition, positive energy, determination, and passion to create a better workplace is an inspiration to us all. Collectively, we respect her and her vision, and because of that, we are each driven to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Sincerely, thank you for being the marvelous human being that you are. We are so lucky to have you!”

Christine Sessions, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Workforce Training and Community Education