Sterling Silver Award

Joel Akins

Joel Akins

Event Technician
Conferencing and Campus Events

Employee of the Month

“Joel Akins is the shining example of what excellent customer service looks like. Joel has an ever present enthusiasm in supporting my department with successfully showcasing the campus to our guests. Even when the plans change, needs are immediate, and the workload is overbearing - we can always count on Joel to have a positive outlook and merry attitude to provide the calm through the intermittent storms that periodically arise. Joel is consistent about checking in to ensure the rooms are set up as anticipated and the technology is up and running as we showcase our institution. Joel diffuses any pressure with his easygoing attitude. Joel is our shining example of I'M IN! Thank you for considering this kind soul for the Sterling Silver Award!”

Sara Schmelzer, Enrollment Coordinator - Enrollment Services

“Joel is an impeccable example of being ALL IN! Hands down, my favorite part of orientation logistics is working with Joel. Joel takes the stress out of logistics and goes above and beyond what I need. He is willing to walk through rooms with me so I can visually grasp our concept, he attends logistic meetings when we are brainstorming and need his wealth of knowledge, he takes our last-minute changes with such grace, and steps in as IT when a laptop or projector isn’t quite working right. On the day of the events, Joel is always available for me to check in with and he checks in with me throughout the day for any adjustments. This past summer, Joel got a well-deserved day off on the last day of orientation; before even telling me he wasn’t going to be there he thoroughly trained a replacement to ease my stress! He also gave me their cell number and his personal cell number just in case I needed him. I of course didn’t need him because he had comprehensively prepared those who covered for him and made sure everything was in place before he left. I am so thankful to have Joel as a colleague here at NIC! I always look forward to working with him.”

Jessica DeWitt, Senior Administrative Assistant - Admissions Office

“When I was asked to submit a nomination for Joel Akins for the Sterling Silver Award, I couldn't think of anyone more deserving. From personal experience when hosting the Northwest Ellucian Users Group in July 2015, Joel was a God send. He saw to it our sessions in the SUB went off without a hitch. He is hard working, pleasant to work with, and always has a smile on his face. Definitely one of NIC's rock stars!”

Lisa Clark, Manager of Applications Development - Information Technology

“Joel Akins is the embodiment of the I'm IN spirit! Joel's commitment to his job and this institution drives him and it results in thousands of people (both within the college community and the public) who have a positive experience with North Idaho College every single day. No task is too small for Joel to put his entire heart and soul into, and he is always willing to go above and beyond reasonable expectations to ensure that every event goes off without a hitch. In addition, Joel is always kind, funny, compassionate, and ALWAYS IN to do whatever it takes to help NIC put its best face forward. And I know I'm not the only one to notice that he wears the college logo every single day, ensuring that the North Idaho College brand and reputation he is responsible for is held in the highest regard. Thank you for being ‘IN’ Joel and bringing others with you, with your smile and spirit. You are most deserving of the Sterling Silver Award.”

Stacy Hudson, Director of Communications and Marketing - Communications and Marketing

“Every time I see Joel walking through the Student Union Building, I half-expect to see a cape peeking out of the back of his shirt -- he is truly Superman! As an enrollment coordinator, I am often accommodating students and events on campus. In October alone, we welcomed almost 800 students for this purpose!  While it can be nerve-wracking to host 70 seventh-graders at once, I never worry about the conferencing and events accommodations for our very important guests. Joel goes above the call of duty to ensure I have all the materials I need to be successful and provide a sound learning environment for our prospective students. He not only prepares these events for success but he also acts on the fly when last-minute accommodations are needed. I feel grateful that Joel is on our NIC team. Joel's other superhero abilities include: Being in two places at once, scaling the NIC stairs 462 times per day, a super-shiny and always-present smile, appearing in an instant with that one thing you didn't know you needed, and being so very calm, patient, and considerate when I know his day is chaotic. Thank you, Joel. It is a pleasure to call you a colleague.”

Teresa Borrenpohl, Enrollment Coordinator - Enrollment Services

“Joel has an upbeat and positive attitude and he is always happy to help. It is obvious that he personally wants to make sure everyone has their needs met. I've had his help for a couple of my events and he is very conscientious about making sure everything is just perfect. Even if it means running to the basement and back for something I need. He is a pleasure to work with and one of those people on the back side that we just couldn't do without. He's awesome.”

Kelly Nolan, Career and Technical Advisor - Advising Services and Career and Technical Education