What Students (Past & Present) Say About NIC

Shwaye Eibensteiner"NIC has a beautiful campus and small classroom settings. The instructors are involved in student success and they care about the students. It is not hard to succeed at NIC. Here, you're not just a number - you are an individual person. NIC has a way of making you feel at home."

Shwaye Eibensteiner
NIC Social Work Student
Davis, CA

Tom Croschere"I have acquired a lot of support from the faculty at NIC as well as taken almost all of the prerequisite courses for medical school here. The high academic standard at NIC has allowed me to obtain a competitive MCAT score and build my confidence as a student. Each of my former instructors at NIC have not only taught me the material well, but have also further developed my problem solving abilities to make me a better student. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change anything."

Tom Croschere
NIC and UI alumnus recently accepted to medical school at the University of Washington
Kingston, ID

Amy Winegardner"The two best things about NIC are the beautiful campus and the faculty. The faculty are so helpful and want their students to be successful in every way. Some of the best teachers and mentors I have had were at NIC. My experience at NIC opened so many doors by allowing me to find out what I was really interested in and what I was good at."

Amy Winegardner
NIC Nursing Student
Rathdrum, ID

Jared Childers"North Idaho College is an amazing college where you can really take time to find yourself and get a better idea of what you want to do in life, without having to sell a kidney to do it. I spent a year at the University of Kentucky and was overwhelmed by how easy it is to get lost in the system. I was literally another number in all of my classes. Here, the entire college faculty’s goal is student success."

Jared Childers
Psychology Major
Flatwoods, KY

Svetlana Oleynik"I enrolled in the NIC Pharmacy Technology program right out of high school. I started the dual credit program at NIC at age 16 and completed high school and college credits at the same time. I would recommend NIC to anyone who is looking for higher education. The Pharmacy Technology program prepared me for my job and I am very pleased with NIC. Paula Lambert, the instructor, did an amazing job teaching the program."

Svetlana Oleynik
Pharmacy Technology Graduate
Rathdrum, ID

Denni Aldrich"The best part about the dual credit program at NIC is that I get to save money and don't have to take as many core classes when I go off to a four-year university. I like that my credits count for high school as well as for college."

Denni Aldrich
NIC Dual Credit High School Student
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Samantha Johnson "The best part about NIC is the fact that you can start here and get most of your classes done at a cheaper price than a four-year college. It's a nice way to get introduced to college life. NIC is one of the best schools there is and you would love it."

Samantha Jean Johnson
High School Dual Credit Student and Recipient of the Windermere/Coeur d'Alene Realty Foundation North Idaho College
Dual Credit Scholarship
Business Administration Major
Post Falls, ID

Tim Fort"School fell right into place, so I went with it. It wasn't just getting an education, it was also learning new job skills with an actual future to it. The more educated a person is, the more opportunities they have, which usually translates into a person being more involved in their community."

Tim Fort
Lead Computer Technician for the Kellogg School District
Computer IT Graduate
Kellogg, ID

David Coker"The best attribute of North Idaho College is its diversity of students and how close-knit the whole community is. Everyone comes from different places and backgrounds, but together we all help one another learn and achieve our goals. I think that NIC is the perfect choice, with a beautiful setting next to Lake Coeur d'Alene, wonderful and helpful staff and faculty and a great variety of programs to accommodate any choice of careers."

David Coker
Diesel Technology Major
Everett, WA

Alyssa Thelen"I would say that NIC chooses to stick to the idea of 'quality, not quantity.' We are not a flashy university, but we do offer a chance to get to know your professors one on one and seek their wisdom and advice as well as have room to grow. The faculty and staff are very willing to help in any way they can. Every one of the staff and faculty wish the best for their students and really try their best to inspire and push for us to succeed as individuals."

Alyssa Thelen
Residence Hall Adviser and
Admissions Ambassador, Phi Theta Kappa
English Major
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Elizabeth Bell"My scholarships have open doors that before, I did not even know existed. Growing up in a family with a single father raising four girls leaves little income not required for basic needs. A scholarship donation is an investment. What better to invest in than the future leaders, workers, and investors of tomorrow."

Elizabeth Bell
Recipient of the Earl and Eva Ogg Memorial Scholarship and
the Roy and Leona Nelson Foundation Scholarship
Psychology Major
Sandpoint, ID

Nate Knaggs"NIC was the most affordable option for me. Most people think that there's nothing to do at a community college, but that's not true of NIC. There's intramural sports, an outdoor recreation program, collegiate sports and an activities center with shuffleboard, pool and a plasma TV. It's not just an education here, it feels like home."

Nate Knaggs
General Studies Major
Sandpoint, ID

Solina Bressler"Attaining NIC credits that transfer for a baccalaureate degree is an important goal for me. I have come to realize that I can trust NIC to give me the right start to achieve this goal. I am thankful for the wide variety of credit and transfer programs that NIC has to offer. Another characteristic of NIC that I have come to appreciate is learning in small classes from instructors who see teaching as their primary responsibility."

Solina Bressler
Recipient of a Pell Grant, the Laura Moore Cunningham Scholarship and the Promise B Scholarship
Business Administration and Elementary Education Major
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Jessica DeWitt"I came here because I knew I could cheer and still be near home. I love the area and the college is so connected to the outdoors that it makes me feel like I'm home. It's beautiful. Where else could you go and have a beach right on the campus!"

Jessica DeWitt
ASNIC Vice President and
Cardinal Cheerleader
Business Major
Yakima, WA

Heather Beehmer"I was a dual enrollment student here in high school so it was an easy transition for me to come to NIC. I love the instructors and the campus is full of great people. I really enjoy it here."

Heather Beehmer
ASNIC Senator
General Studies Major
Wallace, ID

Reilly Thomas "I wanted to do something with which I could use my chemistry background, so I thought I'd try the Pharmacy Technology program and see if it was something that I liked. One year later, I'm working as a pharmacy technician. I like the field so much that now I hope to become a pharmacist. My experience in the NIC Pharmacy Technology program gave me a great job while I'm working toward my degree. I love this college! I spent my high school years here and think the dual credit program is a great way to get a head start."

Reilly Thomas
Pharmacy Technology Graduate
Rathdrum, ID