I'm IN!

Students and employees who are in!

I'm IN... Are You?

I’m IN is a collegewide commitment to the core North Idaho College mission of student success. In the spirit of being IN it together, all college staff and faculty are dedicated to the integral role they play in supporting students from admission through successful completion. Additionally, students who are engaged and involved in all facets of the student experience, are more likely to achieve success.

NIC’s impact spreads deep into the community from alumni to industry partners, and the I’m IN commitment is inclusive to alumni, friends, and supporters of North Idaho College.

  • Some ways students are IN

  • Some ways employees are IN

    • Provide outstanding Customer Service to our students all day, every day
    • Become an Orientation Volunteer
    • Wear your Cardinal Logo Clothing on and off campus
    • Get involved in Faculty Assembly/Staff Assembly
    • Donate to the St. ASNIC Program and the Food Pantry
    • Serve as an ASNIC Club Advisor
    • Participate in a Community Event or Parade as an NIC representative
    • Volunteer as a Welcome Ambassador during the first few days of
      the semester 
    • Talk about NIC in your Community Involvements (Rotary, Lions, Chamber, etc.)
    • Attend an NIC Event (athletics, theater, music, diversity, or student event)
    • Donate to the Employee Giving Campaign
    • Purchase an NIC License Plate (proceeds benefit the NIC Alumni Association Scholarship Fund)
    • Follow NIC on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Alumni & Friends are IN

    The NIC Foundation and Alumni Relations Department help generate and manage the financial resources the college needs to carry out its mission of student success. Alumni, donors, and industry partners show they’re IN through their generous support of NIC.

I'm IN! Awards