I'm IN! Awards

HR EmployeesApril/May 2017
NIC Softball

The NIC Softball Team voluntarily coordinated the Kootenai Girls Softball Association (KGSA) mandatory skills clinic on March 11, 2017. KGSA is a 6U to 14U competitive/learning girls softball league based in Kootenai County. The NIC Softball team ran the entire clinic! They arrived early for setup, ran a separate clinic for every age division that focused on the needs and skill ability for the age group, and provided an unbiased evaluation of each girl. They were nothing short of amazing! The young KGSA players were so excited to meet and learn from the best! The KGSA board received a ton of positive feedback from parents. They loved to see NIC in the community and appreciated the time and expertise of the players! They truly went all out to make this an amazing event for every girl that walked through the door. Thank you for serving as such positive role models for young ladies in the community! Go Cardinals!

HR EmployeesFebruary/March 2017
Human Resources Department

At a recent Supervise This training for North Idaho College, the entire Human Resources staff was wearing their I'm IN t-shirts, demonstrating their commitment to being IN at NIC and leading employee engagement activities. Thanks for being IN Human Resources team!

Sabrina PrimmerJanuary 2017
Sabrina Primmer

Sabrina Primmer was honored with the I'm IN Award at the last Staff Assembly meeting. Primmer went through a terrifying, but ultimately inspiring medical experience over Christmas break. Her story can be read here.

Throughout the ordeal, Primmer showed true NIC spirit, encouraging others in the hospital to talk to advisors about NIC Health Profession programs and answering questions when she could. Way to go Sabrina!

George McAllisterDecember 2016
George McAllister

The I'm IN Award has been established in an effort to continue to recognize NIC employees who demonstrate their commitment to the I'm IN spirit. I'm IN represents a collegewide commitment to being IN it together through a connectedness to the overall mission of NIC and support of students from recruitment through successful completion. Additionally, students who are engaged and INvolved in all facets of the student experience, are more likely to achieve success.

Congratulations to Library Director George McAlister and the entire Molstead Library Team, the most recent recipients of the I'm IN Award.

The staff of Molstead Library were connected to Hailey, a 6th-grader from Post Falls with a passion for books and libraries. The library staff arranged a special tour of Molstead where Hailey was able to experience the inner-workings of a library, learning how books are ordered, processed, and made ready for students to borrow. During the tour, Hailey was able to open a newly arrived carton of books; size, cut, and attach a book cover to a new book; and finally, check a few books in and out using the new library management system. She also received a special NIC backpack and other NIC logo gear to commemorate her experience. In a follow-up email the next day, Hailey's mom reported that "Hailey proudly wore her NIC bag [to class] and was excited to share her [Molstead Library] Gargoyle cards and other gifts with her friends." She added that she felt that Hailey's experience at NIC "truly made an impact," and she was "excited about all the opportunities available to her in the future." Hailey's mom closed her email by saying, "I told her if she keeps reading anything is possible."

Thank you to the entire staff of Molstead Library for showing this passionate young future Cardinal what it means to be IN at NIC!

Steve Tudor and Stacy HudsonNovember 2016
Steve Tudor

The I'm IN Award has been established in an effort to continue to recognize the NIC employees who demonstrate their commitment to the I'm IN spirit, which is a collegewide commitment to the core North Idaho College mission of student success. In the spirit of being IN it together, all college staff and faculty are dedicated to the Integral role they play in supporting students from admission through successful completion. Additionally, students who are engaged and Involved in all facets of the student experience, are more likely to achieve success.

The most recent recipient of the I'm IN Award was Steve Tudor of the NIC Mail and Copy Center. NIC was contacted this summer by Randall Huber of Jezreel International, who asked NIC to participate in a community service project to help provide donated college textbooks to a missionary service that distributes them to African colleges and universities where they are needed. Lita Burns, Cheri Beard, George McAllister, Bill McElver, and numerous faculty members stepped up to help. But Steve Tudor demonstrated the I'm IN spirit by taking it a step further and serving as the embodiment of NIC's leadership and commitment to higher education beyond just our region. He found space for, moved, packaged, and loaded 800 books - that's more than 2 tons - which were sent to Africa on behalf of NIC.

Thank you Steve and everyone involved for being IN!

6 NIC StudentsOctober 2016
6 Amazing NIC Students

A group of students showed they were IN to Beth Jensen, a new neighbor to NIC in the Fort Ground neighborhood who was welcomed to Coeur d'Alene and our campus by a group of North Idaho College students who went above and beyond in making her feel welcome here and helping her in her time of need (see article at http://www.cdapress.com/archive/article-277c8320-537e-11e5-879e-f3e5f5b2f998.html in the Coeur d'Alene Press). Congratulations to Klaus, Austin, Taylor, James, Megan and Brooke, this month's recipients of the I'm IN Award.

Tom and Amanda GreeneSeptember 2016
Amanda Greene

With multiple Pokestops and a Pokemon gym on campus (not to mention tons of Pokemon to capture), Pokemon GO is attracting lots of new faces to NIC as a great place to enjoy a serene setting with lots of activity within walking distance. But wife of Tom Greene, Amanda, earned the first "I'm IN Award" by ensuring that folks knew about it!

While playing Pokemon GO with her family in Post Falls, NIC Communications and Marketing Director Stacy Hudson was surprised when a woman (Amanda) took notice that they were playing Pokemon GO and turned to her to say, "Hey, have you guys been down to NIC? It's an awesome place to play!" Thank you for your recruitment efforts, Amanda, and for being IN at NIC.

Kylee Solberg and Cecil CardinalAugust 2016
Kylee Solberg

Miss Idaho remembers two special instructors at NIC. North Idaho College has been proud of the success of alumna Kylee Solberg for quite some time. She has risen through the ranks of the pageant world. She was first runner up in the 2015 Miss Idaho pageant and was crowned Miss National Sweetheart 2015. She earned the title of Miss Idaho in June and will represent the state at the Miss America Pageant in September. Solberg, a first-generation student, graduated from NIC in 2015 and is now pursuing a communications degree at Boise State University. 

At the Fourth of July parade in Coeur d'Alene this summer, Solberg came by for a picture with Cecil as she always speaks so highly of the institution at which she lived the tagline of "Start here... Go anywhere!" "I will always be grateful for NIC and a proud alumna," she said.

As she chatted with NIC representatives at the parade lineup, she was sure to mention that two of her favorite instructors throughout her academic career were NIC instructors Josh Misner (Communication) and Maureen Steinel (Sociology). And while she's progressed through her major at BSU, no one will take the place of those two instructors as she looks fondly back at her time at NIC.

Please help us congratulate these two instructors, as the recipients of the I'm IN Award! Thank you for all that you do to impact lives, like Kylee's!

I'm IN!


To nominate a student or employee for the I'm IN! Award, please contact Stacy Hudson at (208) 769-7819 or stacy.hudson@nic.edu.