NIC Columbus Day presentation to explore historical inaccuracies

A Columbus Day presentation at North Idaho College will explore the historical accuracy of how the nation's public education system portrays Christopher Columbus and his voyage to America. NIC History Instructor Sharla Chittick Trainor will present The Real Columbus at noon Monday, Oct. 11 in the Blue Creek/Echo Bay Room of Edminster Student Union Building on NIC's main campus. The presentation will cover the history behind Columbus Day, the historical accuracy of American education as it relates to Columbus, colonialism and globalization and the need for historical revisionism. “The story of Columbus has a number of very valuable lessons, but those lessons have not always been the focus of American education,” Chittick Trainor said. “Instead, Columbus has been used to promote national pride and a sense of American identity. We need to acknowledge historical truths and get real about how the actions of people in the past are and should be interpreted. Only then can we determine how they are used in the education of our students. As controversial as all of it may seem to some, it is worth healthy discussion and analysis.” The presentation is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by the NIC Diversity Events Committee and the American Indian Studies Advisory Committee. Information: (208) 769-3397.

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NIC History Instructor Sharla Chittick Trainor, (208) 769-3397

Posted: Friday, Oct. 8, 2004

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