NIC partners with The Backup to provide computer-based training

Using traditional instructor-led classes and experiential hands-on training, North Idaho College's Workforce Training Center has delivered successful customized training programs to the private and public sectors locally, nationally and even internationally. And while instructor-led training still has valuable applications, some employers are now looking for ways to provide standardized training in flexible time frames while using less manpower during delivery, eliminating transportation issues and decreasing the cost of employee time away from work. NIC's Customized Training Department has recently seen a growing interest in computer-based CD-ROM courses or Web-based training programs accessed through the Internet. They provide a more flexible training medium for recurring training programs, such as employee safety, new employee orientation, customer service standards, quality standards, manufacturing processes and work skills certification. “There are many burgeoning computer-based training methods out there and we have wanted to be able to offer our clients effective programs that provide a better fit for their training needs,” said NIC Workforce Training Center Director Robert Ketchum. The NIC Workforce Training Center's Customized Training Department recently linked up with The Backup Training Corporation, a leader in computer-based training in the law enforcement industry. The Backup has created a new training service department called Digital Training Solutions headed by Director Jeff Bear. Bear will collaborate with NIC Customized Training Director Vern Jenkins to find ways to better meet the growing computer-based training needs of local and regional businesses. “In the past, both NIC and The Backup have had to forego viable business opportunities because they did not have the resources required to provide customizable computer-based training to fit this growing need,” said Rick Gallia, director of training at The Backup, which until now has mainly produced training materials for law enforcement agencies. “Working together will allow both NIC and The Backup Training Corporation to share resources and tailor training programs to meet clients' needs, creating a broader client base for both of our organizations.” “This is really a win-win partnership between NIC and The Backup, ultimately benefiting our clients the most,” Ketchum said. NIC and The Backup have worked together before, previously entering into an agreement that offers law enforcement officials the opportunity to earn college credits through The Backup training.

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NIC Workforce Training Director Robert Ketchum, (208) 769-3221, or The Backup Spokesperson Briana White, (208) 756-8062

Posted: Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2004

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