NIC student steps up selling awareness bracelets in support of campaign

Although financial contributions to the NIC Providing Opportunities—Fulfilling Dreams Community Campaign are the focus of the community fundraising campaign set to raise a minimum of $2 million to equip the NIC Health and Sciences Building and provide student scholarships, non-monetary support of the college and campaign is also important.

“We were looking for a way to spread awareness of the campaign as well as give people a tangible way to show their support of the college,” said NIC Alumni Relations Coordinator Sara Fladeland.

NIC student Edward Emerson believes that many people care about NIC because the college has changed so many lives, like it did his.

Emerson is a 35-year-old student with four children that commuted every day to NIC from Ponderay. Although apprehensive beginning college as a nontraditional student, Emerson said he felt immediately accepted and at home at NIC.

He went on to become an NIC Ambassador and an Associated Students of NIC senator at the college.

Emerson bought a bracelet for himself and one for his daughter, who had seen the craze picking up with people wearing awareness wristbands and wanted one.

“I explained to her that this bracelet was supporting students, like me, that needed a little extra help in attaining their education,” Emerson said. “I told her that the money I spent on it was for the future, maybe even her future, at NIC. Then she was even more excited to have one because she knew its purpose.”

Emerson decided to encourage others around NIC's campus to wear the awareness bracelets by selling them literally off his body. He decorated an NIC t-shirt with dozens of bracelets safety pinned to it and walked around campus, spreading awareness about the bracelets and the campaign.

The college awareness bracelets are cardinal red and customized with “NIC Supporter.” So far 300 bracelets have been sold.

Bracelets are $2 each and are still available through the NIC Foundation Office in Sherman Administration Building Room 104.

All proceeds will benefit student scholarships through the Providing Opportunities—Fulfilling Dreams Community Campaign, which has raised more than $1.75 million to date.

Information: (208) 769-5978.|photo1|

For More Information
NIC Alumni Relations Coordinator Sara Fladeland, (208) 769-5906

Posted: Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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