NIC to implement no feeding zone for geese on beach

The North Idaho College Facilities Operations staff is implementing a no feeding zone on the NIC Beach in an attempt to reduce the number of geese that make the half-mile stretch of beach their year-round home. However, a beachgoers will be encouraged to feed the geese in a designated feeding zone that will be added to the northernmost area of the NIC Beach near the lumber mill.
More than 80 resident Canada geese live on the beach and during the spring, the resident geese act as live decoys and attract additional migratory geese. Because of lack of predation, a close proximity to nesting grounds and an abundance of food, including that provided by people hand feeding them, a high concentration of geese live along the river. Each goose generates more than two pounds of excrement daily, which contains many bacteria that can pose potential health risks to humans.
The NIC grounds crew will install walking paths and benches soon to encourage people to use the designated goose feeding zone. Signage along Rosenberry Drive will indicate that feeding the geese is prohibited on the rest of the NIC Beach.
“Persuading 80 geese and ducks to strictly inhabit one area for feeding will be challenging, but by providing a feeding area, it will create a safer and cleaner environment for everyone,” said NIC Grounds Supervisor Rhonda Smalley. “The geese and the ducks will go where the food is and the public’s willingness to use the goose feeding area will be instrumental in the success of this public awareness and safety effort.”
Information: (208) 769-5904.

For More Information
NIC Grounds Supervisor Rhonda Smalley, (208) 769-5904

Posted: Monday, March 27, 2006

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