NIC Alumni Association announces award recipients

The North Idaho College Alumni Association recently named this year’s outstanding alumni award recipients.

NIC alumna Ivanka Suveg was selected by the NIC Alumni Association as the 2011 Alumni of the Year for her commitment to both the college and the community. Suveg attended NIC in the 1990s and was inducted into the NIC chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year colleges, in 1993. While she no longer attends full time, she continues to take classes periodically and remains committed to the college through her volunteerism at the NIC Children’s Center. A former kindergarten teacher, Suveg has a love and passion for children and has volunteered countless hours interviewing children completing preschool at the center and creating a personalized keepsake book for each child since 2006.

“Ivanka patiently sits with each child and interviews them about their favorite food, toys, and their life in general,” said Lynn Hill in her nomination. “She also has each child do a drawing along with their interpretation. The collection of interviews, drawings, and class photos are compiled into a memorable keepsake for each child and presented at the Children’s Center spring commencement. I nominate Ivanka Suveg for her love of children, art and her zest for life, not to mention her love of education and continuous dedication to the college’s youngest students—the preschoolers at the NIC Children’s Center.

In honor of her service to NIC, Fran Bahr was recognized as the NIC Alumni Association’s 2011 Honorary Alumna of the Year. While she never attended NIC, her years of dedication to the institution as both an instructor and artist are immeasurable. A former English instructor for 29 years, Bahr earned the top Faculty Achievement Award of three presented to NIC faculty. Her love for education and enthusiasm for reading and English has fostered the same passion in her students, many of whom have gone on to become educators themselves. Bahr is also an artist and writer and researched, wrote and published a history book on NIC titled “The Gathering Place: A History of North Idaho College” in 2008. Additionally, she has served as the chair of both the College Senate and Faculty Assembly and has served students in the NIC Writing Center while teaching full time. She has also served on the Idaho Humanities Council Board of Directors.

The award recipients were honored at the NIC Foundation’s Scholarship Celebration Nov. 15 at NIC.

(Photo courtesy of Gabe Green, NIC Sentinel) North Idaho College Alumni Association President Dennis Grant (center) congratulates the recipients of the 2011 outstanding alumni award recipients, (left) Honorary Alumna of the Year Fran Bahr and (right) Alumna of the Year Ivanka Suveg.

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Posted: Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011

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