Options available due to ATM vandalism

Due to the recent vandalism of the Higher One ATM, the machine will need to be replaced. That process is estimated to take a minimum of three weeks. Until the replacement machine arrives, students have the following options:

Use a non-Higher One ATM.  Higher One will refund students up to $5 per day on any fee(s) and surcharge(s) incurred by using an ATM other than the Higher One ATM. Account holders can simply submit a request to credit non-Higher One ATM fees by using the “Easy Help” feature at https://myniccard.higheroneaccount.com/.

Swipe your refund card anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Remember, when you swipe your card, always select “credit” at the checkout to avoid PIN-based transaction fees.

Change your refund preference to direct deposit through https://myniccard.higheroneaccount.com/ so your refund goes directly to your personal checking or savings account and not on the Higher One card.

Use your card as a debit card with local merchants, for a 50 cent per transaction fee. With some merchants, you will be able to request cash back as part of that transaction. The 50 cent fee is NOT refundable by Higher One because it is not an ATM transaction.

Posted: Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012

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