Seventh-grade Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy student wins regional spelling bee

Seventh-grade Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy student Kiana Lacroix, of Coeur d’Alene, out-spelled 50 other fourth- through eighth-graders from the five northern counties of Idaho to become the champion speller in the 11th annual North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee March 22 at North Idaho College.

Lacroix previously participated in the North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee as a fifth-grader in 2012.

Lacroix is the recipient of an all-expense paid trip to the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee May 27-30 near Washington, D.C., courtesy of event sponsor Hagadone Newspapers. She also received a Merriam Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, a Samuel Louis Sugarman Award Certificate, a one-year membership to Britannica Online Premium edition, a plaque, a medallion and a North Idaho College events pass for the 2014-2015 school year.

“It was evident that this year’s participants had spent a lot of time studying and were ready to compete,” said North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee Coordinator Mindy Patterson.

This year’s spelling bee went on for 36 rounds. The second-place speller Evan Schwaab, an eighth-grade Lakes Magnet Middle School student, slipped up on the word “volitorial.” After correctly spelling “pollards” in the round prior, McCullough correctly spelled the anticipated championship word “disputatious,” to be crowned the 2014 North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee champion.

Esther Pinkerton, a seventh-grade home school student from Coeur d’Alene, earned third place, making it to Round 26 of the bee before tripping up on the word “pizzicato.”

Each of the 51 participants from 55 schools in 12 districts across North Idaho, including private school and home school divisions, received medallions and NIC events passes.

The event was sponsored by Hagadone Newspapers and coordinated/hosted by NIC.

North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee placings were as follows:

Placing  Eliminated  Participant:                Grade:   District:         School: 

1st place    (Round 36)    Kiana Lacroix               7th             Coeur d’Alene               Coeur d’Alene Charter Acad.

2nd place   (Round 35)    Evan Schwaab              8th             Coeur d’Alene               Lakes Magnet Middle School

3rd place   (Round 26)    Esther Pinkerton           7th             Home                             Coeur d’Alene

4th place   (Round 10)    Josiah Pinkerton           5th             Home                             Coeur d’Alene           

5th place   (Round 9)      Preston Pfau                 7th             Private                            North Idaho Christian School

6th place   (Round 7)      Natalia Madison           7th             Lake Pend Oreille          Forrest Bird Charter Schools

7th place   (Round 6)      Kendall Foster              6th             Coeur d’Alene               Canfield Middle School        

                                       Jaycee Forell                 5th             Lake Pend Oreille          Sagle Elementary

8th place   (Round 5)      Esperanza Williams      5th             Private                            Christian Center School

                                       Ada Bonnell                 8th             Boundary County          Boundary Co. Middle School

9th place   (Round 4)      Alex Jones                    8th             Lake Pend Oreille          Sandpoint Middle School

                                       Noah Rollins                 8th             Kellogg                          Kellogg Middle School

10th place (Round 3)      Grace Clark                  4th             Private                            Christian Center School

                                       Shea Curran                  7th             Kellogg                          Kellogg Middle School

                                       Johnny Spurlock           6th             Lake Pend Oreille          Farmin-Stidwell Elementary

                                       Faith Doty                    8th             Home                             Rathdrum

                                       Kassandra Scheinost    7th             Kootenai                        Kootenai Jr./Sr. High School

11th place (Round 2)      Jacob St.Mars               8th             Lakeland                        Timberlake Junior High

                                       Alexander Reeves        4th             Lake Pend Oreille          Northside Elementary

                                       Lucia Yegge                 6th             St. Maries                       St. Maries Middle School

                                       Georgia May                 4th             Coeur d’Alene               Sorensen Magnet School

                                       Madison Napierala       8th             Kootenai                        Kootenai Jr./Sr. High School

                                       Skyeler Zimmerman     4th             Boundary County          Mt. Hall Elementary

                                       Willie Gomes                7th             Lakeland                        Timberlake Junior High

                                       Charles Taman III        8th             Wallace                          Wallace Jr./Sr. High School

                                       Mitchell Vawter           6th             Kootenai                        Kootenai Jr./Sr. High School

                                       Jamie Bettis                  8th             Private                            Christian Center School

                                       Christian Hunt              4th             Home                             Rathdrum

                                       Gary Gunderson           6th             Wallace                          Silver Hills Elementary

                                       Erin Randall                 6th             Boundary County          Boundary Co. Middle School

                                       Helenna O’Brien          5th             Coeur d’Alene               Sorensen Magnet School

12th place (Round 1)      Lauren Onstott             5th             Boundary County          Mt. Hall Elementary

                                       Patrick Beasley             6th             Lakeland                        Athol Elementary

                                       Kaylie Needham           5th             Lakeland                        Betty Kiefer

                                       Kadin Coleman            4th             Plummer-Worley            Lakeside Elementary

                                       Sheila Tatman               5th             Wallace                          Silver Hills Elementary

                                       Erika Gallus                  6th             Home                             Rathdrum

                                       Connor Claphan           7th             Boundary County          Boundary Co. Middle School

                                       Olivia Derbyshire         4th             Kellogg                          Pinehurst Elementary

                                       James Kelly                  6th             Private                            North Idaho Christian Acad.

                                       Jazmine Brown             4th             West Bonner County     Priest River Elementary

                                       Jayden Martin               5th             St. Maries                       Heyburn Elementary

                                       Corrina Hill                   6th             Kellogg                          Kellogg Middle School

                                       Samantha Krampert      5th             West Bonner County     Priest River Elementary

                                       Corbin Scheer               4th             St. Maries                       Heyburn Elementary

                                       Tristan Gentry              4th             Kootenai                        Harrison Elementary

                                       Mason Chaffee             4th             Wallace                          Silver Hills Elementary

                                       Jenna Boutillier             7th             St. Maries                       St. Maries Middle School

                                       Alex Beauchman          8th             St. Maries                       St. Maries Middle School

                                       Kate Malinauskas         5th             Plummer-Worley            Lakeside Elementary

                                       Kara Slater                    6th             West Bonner County     Idaho Hill Elementary




Kiana Lacroix, a seventh-grade student at Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy, accepts her first place award from North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee Coordinator Mindy Patterson at the 2014 North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee. For More Information
North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee Coordinator Mindy Patterson, (208) 769-3316 or

Posted: Monday, March 24, 2014

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