Parking Services

Campus Parking

The goal and objective for campus parking is to expedite the safe and orderly conduct of campus business and to provide parking facilities within the limits of available space.

This bulletin provides notice of regulations for parking vehicles on campus. Violation of any of these regulations is cause for a citation. Lack of familiarity with the regulations does not constitute a defense for failure to comply. It is the individual's responsibility to learn the parking regulations and park their vehicle properly at all times.

Parking Permits

Permits for 2014-15 are now available for purchase online through MyNIC, as well as in person at the Parking Services office. Under Bookmarks, click Parking Services ( if you are already logged on) and choose from the button options. You will need your vehicle's license number and students will need their student ID number.

LCSC and U of I students must still go to the Parking Services office to purchase permits.

All motor vehicles parking on the NIC campus (including Garden and College Avenues) must display a valid parking permit for each vehicle.

Permits are to be displayed on the passenger side of the vehicle in the lower right corner of the front windshield and must be visible from the outside of the vehicle.

A permit does not guarantee you a parking space, only that you are legal to park on campus. Permits are valid for an academic year beginning with the first day of each fall semester. Permits are not required for evening and summer classes.

A permit also includes access to services such as a jump start or vehicle unlock.

Visitor Passes: Visitor passes are available from the Parking Services Office and the Communications and Marketing Office in the Sherman Building. A visitor is defined as any person other than a student, staff, or faculty member of North Idaho College.

Metered Spaces: Student, staff, or visitor permits are not valid for parking in metered spaces. Metered spaces are for visitors needing to conduct short-term business.

Legal Parking Spaces: Responsibility for locating an appropriate designated parking space rests with the operator of the motor vehicle. Lack of a readily available parking space is not an excuse for violation of any parking regulation.

Towing: Any vehicle parked in violation of any regulation is subject to citation and/or towing at the expense of the owner/operator.

Handicap Parking: An NIC permit is required and H/C number must be registered with the Parking Services Office. Temporary H/C permits must be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles. NIC does not issue these permits.

The college does not assume any responsibility for any motor vehicle or its contents while parked on college property.


  • Parking Services is charged with the impartial enforcement of NIC parking regulations. Security officers have the authority to issue citations, control access to campus areas, and to have vehicles towed if necessary.
  • Vehicles may be towed after five violations.
  • Students with unpaid parking tickets may lose course registration privileges and/ or be placed on Academic Hold. Staff will have payroll deductions made against their compensation if parking fines are outstanding at the end of their contract fiscal year.


Office Hours

7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Thursday
7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Friday

Edminster Student Union Building [PDF]
(208) 769-5902