Web Browser Downloads

  Google Chrome Download

 Firefox for desktop Mozilla Firefox Download

Required Downloads

Java Download Java
Java is required to run some tools in Blackboard.

Optional Downloads

The following are not required to use the basic features of Blackboard, but may be needed to display certain content types (especially audio and video files):

Download Adobe Flash Download Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player is a browser-based application that provides viewings of applications, content, and videos.

Adobe Shockwave Player Download Adobe Shockwave Player
The Shockwave Player allows you to view interactive web content like games, business
presentations, and entertainment from your web browser.

Download Quicktime Download QuickTime Player
QuickTime is used to play some embedded or streamed animations, audio and video files.

Windows Media Player Download Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player is used to play embedded or streamed audio and video files.

Real Player Download Real Player
Real Player is used to play some embedded or streamed audio and video files.

SVG Viewer Download SVG Viewer
SVG-type graphics are far less common than other web formats, e.g. GIF, JPEG and PNG.

Download Adobe Reader for PDFs Download Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader allows the viewing and printing of Portable Document Format (PDF) files.