Tenure & Evaluation Timeline: Fourth (Application) Year*

September 15

Candidate submits tenure application to the Tenure Committee and provides each FET member, Tenure Committee, and Division Chair a written self-evaluation which addresses the criteria for tenure outlined in the Tenure Policy.

October 15

Each FET member submits copies of the third-year summative classroom observation & evaluation and recommendation for or against conferral of tenure to the candidate, Division Chair, and Tenure Committee.

December 1

The Division Chair submits to candidate a formal evaluation and formal recommendation for or against tenure conferral.

December 20

The Division Chair discusses with the candidate, delivers to the Tenure Committee, and places in the candidate’s personnel file: all classroom observations, evaluation reports, student evaluation summaries; a written evaluation of candidate’s qualifications; and a recommendation for or against conferral of tenure.

March 1

Tenure Committee delivers a recommendation for or against conferral of tenure to Faculty Member, Division Chair, and Vice President for Instruction.

March BOT Meeting

Vice President for Instruction submits the Vice President’s and the Tenure Committee’s recommendation for or against tenure to the Board of Trustees.

April 30

College President notifies the candidate in writing of the Board’s decision.

* This timeline is a quick guide to tenure & evaluation procedures. Please consult NIC Policies and Procedures for full descriptions and/or to clarify any questions.