Tenure & Timeline: Third Year





 Both Fall & Spring Semester  Candidate solicits student evaluations for all courses & shares with FETs

FETs observe & submit suggestions to candidate
 The candidate solicits student feedback for all courses taught using the approved student evaluation instrument appropriate to the mode of delivery. The candidate shares copies of these evaluations with their FETs.

Each member of the FET observes the candidate’s class or lab and share observations with the candidate. A written record, indicating any suggestions to strengthen teaching effectiveness, will be made by each FET and delivered only to the candidate.
 April 1  Candidate submits cumulative self evaluation  The candidate submits a cumulative self-evaluation, inclusive of all years in the tenure process, to the FET members and division chair. The self-evaluation describes in detail his/her progress in demonstrating eligibility for tenure and performance of all duties outlined in the Teaching Focus Policy. In addition, the self-evaluation reflects any professional and pedagogical changes from year-to-year throughout the tenure process.

Data from previous student, FET, and division chair observations and evaluations should be included to support the conferral of tenure. 
 April 15  Mentor calls team meeting with Division Chair & FET  The mentor, other FET member(s), and the division chair shall meet as a group to discuss the candidate’s progress, self-evaluation, classroom observations, and student evaluations.
 May 1 FETs submits summative evaluations  Each FET member submits a separate written, summative evaluation, inclusive of all years of observation by that FET member. The evaluations will discuss the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and will include recommendations for improvement and/or development. 
May 15 FETs meet with candidate Each FET member shares this evaluation individually in conference with the candidate. The candidate signs the original summative evaluation to acknowledge its review. Signed copies of each evaluation are provided to the faculty member and division chair.

* This timeline is a quick guide to tenure & evaluation procedures. Please consult NIC Policies and Procedures for full descriptions and/or to clarify any questions.