General Information

The Federal Perkins student loan program is partially funded by the participating college and the U.S. Department of Education, who also sets the regulations and policies governing the loan fund. Payments made on these loans are returned to the Federal Perkins student loan fund to be lent again to new borrowers. This program offers cancellation benefits for certain job related fields in the nursing, medical technician, teaching, law enforcement, military and social services fields plus deferment benefits for unemployment and economic hardship. Forbearance is offered for those students in need.
The current Federal Perkins Student Loan rate is 5% A.P.R.
Student Accounts Office (208-769-3219) is responsible for the collection of the Federal Perkins student loans awarded by North Idaho College. Normally, your Federal Perkins student loan is a part of your total financial aid package. If you also have a Stafford loan you will need to stay in close contact with your lender to avoid complications.


If you have questions about your Federal Perkins student loan account you may contact:
Financial Aid Office (208-769-3368) concerning applications and award amounts.
Student Accounts Office (208-769-3219) for disbursement &/or repayment information.
Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (E.C.S.I.) (800-437-6931) Federal Perkins student loan billing information for North Idaho College.
The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (F.E.R.P.A.) prohibits the discussion of your loan with a third party without your written authorization. North Idaho College and its contract agencies are F.E.R.P.A. compliant. Therefore, you must provide a signed authorization of release to the Register’s Office (208-769-3320) if you wish information released third party who does not possess power of attorney or legal guardianship documentation. You may download an authorization form from our web site and return the completed form with picture identification, (student identification card, driver’s license or passport) or you may mail a signed notarized form to; North Idaho College, Attn: Register’s Office, 1000 W. Garden Avenue, Coeur d’Alene, ID. 83814.

Name &/or Address Changes

You, as the student, are responsible for keeping the college current on any address or name changes. These changes to your North Idaho College records should be made through the Register’s Office (208-769-3320).
Name changes require a legal instrument such as a marriage license, divorce decree or court document and proper student picture identification, (student identification card, driver’s license or passport). Name changes can be made by mail if you submit a written statement, signed and notarized along with a copy of your original legal documents. You can complete a “Change of Address” form with the U.S. Post Office and notify the college in writing of a change of address. The Federal Perkins student loan services will use the “local address” maintained by the Registrar’s Office for your mailing address.
Failure to receive your monthly statement does not remove your responsibility for making your monthly payment on time. Student loan borrowers should notify the lender or billing servicer of changes regarding address, phone or name.