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Save money.
Graduate on time.
Begin working and earning faster!

15 to Finish is an exciting new initiative that encourages North Idaho College students to graduate on time by completing at least 15 credits per semester, or 30 credits per year.

NIC is supporting students in their 15 to Finish efforts with a new tuition model that will help them save money and complete on time.

3-for-Free logoStarting Fall Semester 2017, NIC is piloting a program where degree-seeking students who take 15 or more credits and are in good standing with a 2.0 term GPA or higher will earn 3 free credits the following semester. That’s 3 FREE credits that you won’t be charged for in consecutive semesters if you continue to enroll in and successfully complete 15 or more credits. And as long as degree-seeking students maintain a minimum 15-credit load each semester, the 3 free credit incentive remains! (That’s basically 15 credits for the cost of 12 every semester after the first semester of eligibility).

Don’t just be full-time: Be ON TIME!
15 or more credits per semester is not for everyone. We understand there are many life and learning situations that impact your decision to be a part-time or full-time student, but for those students who are taking 12, 13, or 14 credits, taking 15 or more credits per semester may be a great choice. Think about it ... getting to graduation sooner and saving money through the 3-for-Free tuition model is worth considering.

The savings add up.
Here’s an example: Take 15 credits Fall Semester 2017 and successfully complete the semester with a 2.0 term GPA or higher and earn 3 free credits Spring Semester 2018 if you once again enroll in 15 credits or more. Then if you keep on the path of taking 15 credits or more each semester and remain in good standing, you earn another 3 free credits each semester that you meet the requirements. Earn another 3 free credits in Spring 2019. Graduate in Spring 2019 and receive a check valued at 3 free credits (a minimum of $420) or transfer those funds to another institution to continue your education.

That’s up to 12 free credits earned in a two-year time period or $1,680 saved in tuition, (based on current in-district resident $140 per credit cost).

Start Strong - Strive for 15 - You've got this!
You may be thinking, "I want to ease into college. I'll start off with just 12 credits before taking a heavier class load."

But the reality is that NIC students who start by enrolling in 12 credits rarely increase their course load in later semesters. Their plans to graduate within two years are delayed after just one semester. Studies show that the longer a student remains in college, the more likely it is for them to stop going to school without every earning a degree.

Did you know?

  • It is estimated that by 2020, 60 percent of all jobs will require a college degree.
  • It takes an average of five years for a part-time student to complete an associate’s degree. At North Idaho College, full-time students, on average take three and a half years to graduate. That’s seven semesters.
  • Students who take 15 credits their first semester are 50 percent more likely to graduate than other students and if they stay on the path of taking 15 or more credits every semester they'll finish in two years.
  • Studies show that full-time students get better grades than part-time students.
  • Students risk losing federal financial aid if they don’t finish their programs in a timely manner.
    Data on the benefit of taking 15 credits comes from the work of Complete College America.

Questions? We are here to help you.
Contact us at advising@nic.edu for information about advising, degree plans, graduation, support services, and other resources or call (208) 769-7821.

3-for-Free logoEligibility Requirements
3-for-Free Tuition Model

Eligible students who complete 15 credits with a term GPA of 2.0 or higher will earn 3 free credits the following semester if they once again enroll in 15 or more credits.

  • Eligible students include degree-seeking students in career and technical education or academic programs of study.
    • Dual Credit students are not eligible for the discount.
    • Employees and employee dependents are eligible for the discount if they are degree-seeking students.
    • Senior citizens who are degree-seeking students are eligible.
    • Students paid by a third party (i.e. DOL, VA, Voc Rehab) are eligible. Discount would apply to the amount the sponsor pays.
  • Completion and term GPA will be evaluated at the end of the semester after final grades are posted.
  • Students will receive notification via their NIC Cardinal Mail email if they received the benefit of 3 free credits.
  • Credit will be automatically applied to the student’s account through a sponsorship that will reflect on the statement of account as “15 to Finish/3-for-Free.”
  • Credit will count for 3 credits according to the student’s out-of-pocket cost of attendance (District, WUE, WASH, etc.). Credit does not apply to course fees.
  • Students must use the 3 free credits for the semester following the qualifying semester, as the intent of program is to encourage continual enrollment of 15 credits per semester to encourage completion in two years.
  • If a student earns free credits during their final semester of graduation, the college will issue a check to the student for the 3 free credits or the college may transfer the funds to assist with student’s continuing education.