Hardship Refund Qualifications

Students must be officially withdrawn from the classes of the semester for which they are requesting a Hardship Refund. If student has not officially withdrawn, they will be referred to the Registrar's Office for a late withdraw.

Valid Hardship Refund Situations:

  • Student withdrew due to a documented medical or mental health issue for self or close family relative (accident, illness, serious injury, etc.).
    Student must be already withdrawn to proceed with a Hardship Refund request. If the student has not yet withdrawn, and the medical issue occurred during the current semester, please see the Registrar's office to request a late withdraw.
  • Student withdrew due to documented death of close family relative.
    Student must submit documentation of the death, such as an obituary or a copy of the death certificate.

Appeals for charges older than two years will not be accepted.

Under normal circumstances the Hardship Refund process is four to six weeks. The student will be notified of the committee's decision by mail to the address listed on the Hardship Refund Request Form.

Rights Granted to Those Who Qualify for a Hardship Refund

 A student who qualifies for a hardship refund will be given a refund up to 50% for tuition only (fees are non-refundable) rather than the standard refund policy.

Students who have been granted a hardship refund can continue their coursework at NIC if they wish to return at the start of a new semester but must have any balance owing paid in full before registering. However, the student will not automatically qualify for financial aid. He/She must go through the Satisfactory Progress Appeal Process.

Hardship Refund Appeal Procedure

 A student must print a Hardship Refund Request Form. It can also be requested: 

  • In person at the Student Accounts front desk in Lee-Kildow Hall.
  • Via email. Please email your request to studentaccounts@nic.edu
  • If the student cannot receive the form by any of these means, please mail a request to:
    North Idaho College
    Student Accounts
    1000 W Garden Ave.
    Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

After receiving a Hardship Refund form, the student should fill it out and provide the most accurate explanation possible.

Along with the Hardship Refund form, the student should attach supporting documentation for the reason they withdrew from NIC. The refund request will be automatically denied if no supporting documentation is provided.

Completed Hardship Refund forms and supporting documentation should be returned to the Student Accounts office as soon as possible to ensure prompt processing.

Once the Hardship Refund form and documentation are received, it is processed within Student Accounts and sent to the committee for review. A decision will be made based on the appeal materials provided. Once a decision has been made, a letter will be mailed to the student notifying them of the committee's decision and the state of the student's account.

The entire Hardship Refund process takes about four to six weeks.