NIC Philosophy Club

"No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself."
   -- Friedrich Nietzsche


The mission of the NIC Philosophy Club is to provide a campus and community forum for philosophical discussion and investigation.

Upcoming Club Events

For the 2014 Spring Semester, the club will meet the 2nd and 4th Wed. of each month (starting Feb. 12) in LKH 213. 

The first sponsored event is "What Can We Learn from Nietzsche?", a lecture by two Gonzaga Philosophy Dept. instructors (Jan. 22, 4pm, SUB, Driftwood Bay Rm).

If you're interested in joining, just show up to one of our meetings. (If you do come to a meeting, don't forget to give us your email address so we can put you on our email list.)

Philosophy Dates in History -- Jan./Feb.

  • Jan. 4th: Camus dec. 1960
  • Jan. 8th: Galileo dec. 1642
  • Jan. 9th: de Beauvoir born 1908
  • Jan. 14th: Berkeley dec. 1753
  • Jan. 29th: Paine born 1737
  • Feb. 2nd: Rand born 1905; Russell dec. 1970
  • Feb. 11th: Descartes dec. 1650
  • Feb. 12th: Kant dec. 1804; Darwin born 1809
  • Feb. 15th: Galileo born 1564; Bentham born 1748
  • Feb. 21st: Spinoza dec. 1677
  • Feb. 22nd: Schopenhauer born 1788

If you would like to be added to the club's email list or if you just have questions about the club, please contact David McKerracher (