Building and Room Access

Cardinal Cards

All employees are required to have a Cardinal Card (photo ID card) for identification purposes, which can be obtained at the Cardinal Card Office in the Edminster Student Union building. Employees who require access to buildings and rooms that utilize proximity readers need to have their supervisor fill out the Cardinal Card/Key Authorization Form (below) and submit it to their director or division chair for approval. Approved forms should then be sent to the Cardinal Card Office. Access levels will be added within 24 hours of receipt.

Key Authorization Issuance Process:

  • The Access Authorization Form is found on the NIC Website under the Security link, then “Building and Room Access”. It is also located under “Forms” in the Employee Resources Menu.
  • The supervisor must read and fill out the Access Authorization Form for the Employee and assign the proper building and room access needed. Supervisors should not order keys for employees that are not absolutely needed. Supervisor and Director or Division Chair must sign off on the request.
  • Supervisors and employees should not turn Key Authorization forms in to the Cardinal Card office more than 1 week prior to needing the key to avoid no pick-up fees.
  • All Key Authorization Forms must be turned in to the Cardinal Card Office only. Key Authorizations turned in must be the original. No e-mails, faxes or copies will be accepted.
  • Employee should bring the signed form to the Cardinal Card Office in person so they can get a Cardinal Card if they do not have one. However, the original authorization form can be inter-campus mailed. Only original copies will be accepted.
  • Once the employee receives their Cardinal Card, the Cardinal Card Office sends properly completed Key Authorization forms to Security. Security then determines if the request meets all Key Guidelines and grants access as appropriate. (Employee must already have their ID card for electronic access to be granted). If the employee needs a hard key, Security then forwards the form to Facilities. Facilities produce the keys and makes updates to the key tracking program.
  • Hard keys will be brought over in person from Facilities to the Cardinal Card Office at or before 12:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. The keys are then available for distribution to employees.
  • It is the supervisor’s responsibility to educate employees that once the authorization form is turned in; the employee can pick the key up the following week after noon on Wednesday. The employee will have 2 weeks to pick up the key after its arrival at the Cardinal Card Office or the key will be returned to the Facilities office to recycle and the department will be charged $50.00 to cover expenses incurred from the key issuance process. If it is determined by the requesting department that keys are still needed, the department and employee will have to start the process over again from the beginning with a new authorization form and after the no pick-up fees have been paid.
  • When the employee picks up the key, the card office will have the employee sign and date the Access Authorization Form to acknowledge receipt of their key(s). The office then stamps the request form “Complete” and forwards back to Facilities.

Access Authorization Form

Key Return Process/Electronic Access Discontinued

  • When employee leaves employment, their supervisor is responsible for getting the keys from their employee on or before their last day of employment and notifying Campus Security (K. Hopkins or P. Murray at 769-3310) so electronic access to buildings can be removed from the employees ID card. The supervisor is responsible for turning the keys in to the Cardinal Card Office with a completed “Key Return Form”, which can be found under “Forms” in the Employee Resources menu.
  • Employees who change campus locations must turn their old keys in to their supervisor. The supervisor then turns the keys into the Cardinal Card Office so they can be processed through the key tracking system. A new authorization form must be completed and turned in to the Cardinal Card Office for the employee to receive a new set of keys. No keys shall be exchanged from employee to employee.
  • Supervisors may not hold or re-assign keys to a new employee. All keys must go through re-processing before being reassigned and therefore must be returned to the Cardinal Card Office.
  • If an employee leaves NIC employment and does not return their key to their supervisor, the department will be charged for re-pinning the doors and the cost of a new key will be taken out of the employee’s paycheck.
  • Once the key, with the Key Return Form, is turned into the Cardinal Card Office, Security will pick up the returned keys from the Cardinal Card Office and bring them to Facilities for reprocessing. If the employee needs a new key, the new request will not be processed until the old key is returned.

Key Return Form