Campus Security - Medical Emergency

A medical emergency is an injury or illness that is acute and poses an immediate threat to a person’s life or long term health. These emergencies may require assistance from YOU.

  • Report it to 911: A key component of providing proper care is to quickly summon the emergency medical services.

  • Notify Security at 3310: They can respond for crowd control and direct emergency services.

  • First aid: Those trained to perform first aid can act within the bounds of the knowledge they have, while waiting for first responders.

  • Remain calm: Those who are not able to perform first aid can assist by remaining calm and staying with the injured or ill person.

  • Assist: Additional bystanders can be helpful in ensuring that crowds are moved away, allowing the responder adequate work space.

  • Tips:Check breathing and give CPR if necessary. Control serious bleeding by direct pressure on the wound.


Unless the situation is particularly hazardous and is likely to further endanger the patient(s) evacuating and injured victim requires special skills and should be left to emergency professionals.