Campus Security - Hazardous Materials Incident

If a chemical spill occurs:

  • If emergency services are required call 911 and then report the hazardous spill immediately to campus security at Ext. 3310 and the Facilities Operations office at Ext. 3413. Give the location and extent of the spill.
  • Identify the material if possible. Is it leaking, spilling, or burning? Can you identify any placards or container labels?
  • Get away and resist the urge to rush into a contaminated area. You cannot help others until you know what you are facing. Do NOT become part of the problem.
  • Secure the scene without entering the immediate hazard area. Do what you can to isolate the area to assure the safety of others. Evacuate to a safe area.
  • Toxic fumes are a serious threat. Avoid the inhalation of fumes, smoke, and vapors. Move upwind if outside.
  • Do NOT re-enter a contaminated area until cleared to do so by competent authority.
  • If toxic chemicals come in contact with your skin, immediately flush the affected area with clean water for 15 minutes. Use chemical showers and/or eye wash stations, if available.
  • Complete an Incident Report form with Facilities Operations and Campus Security within 24 hours.