Campus Security - Hazardous Materials Incident

If a chemical spill occurs:

  • Report the hazardous spill immediately to campus security at Ext. 3310 or the Facilities Operations office at Ext. 3413. Give the location and extent of the spill.
  • Identify the material is possible. Is it leaking, spilling, or burning? Can you identify any placards or container labels?
  • Get away and resist the urge to rush into a contaminated area. You cannot help others until you know what you are facing. Do NOT become part of the problem.
  • Secure the scene without entering the immediate hazard area. Do what you can to isolate the area to assure the safety of others. Evacuate to a safe area at least 300 feet away.
  • Toxic fumes are a serious threat. Avoid the inhalation of fumes, smoke, and vapors. Move upwind if outside.
  • Do NOT re-enter a contaminated area until cleared to do so by competent authority.
  • If toxic chemicals come in contact with your skin, immediately flush the affected area with clean water for 15 minutes. Use chemical showers and/or eye wash stations, if available.
  • Complete an Incident Report form with Facilities Operations or Campus Security within 24 hours.