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BooksWriting and the study of writing form the foundation for learning in higher education. This study develops critical and creative thinking that provides students with tools to unravel the nuances of complex texts and ideas in all fields of study. The writing process teaches the power of the written word to communicate, while literature teaches students to understand themselves and others through stories, poetry, plays, and essays about diverse communities and our shared humanity.

As a department we value and emphasize close reading and research, critical and creative thinking, and clear communication, all of which prepare students for life-long learning.

The English department’s members practice what we teach through our engagement in important conversations that affect our students, the college, and our community.  We demonstrate our commitment to the study of language in the classroom, in our development and refinement of our curriculum, and in our promotion of The Writing Center, Trestle Creek literary journal, and The English Club.

The English Department is the home of NIC's composition and literature programs and classes.  We belong to a wider division that includes Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Modern Languages, and Philosophy. 

Careers in English

The professions related to majoring in English, according to the Idaho Department of Labor and Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc., include the following

Technical writer
Grant proposal writer
Web content editor
Freelance editor
Digital copywriter
Direct response copywriter
Editorial assistant
Secondary teacher
Post-secondary teacher
Public relations
Search engine marketing
Business-to-business marketing
Corporate blogger
Search engine optimization
Social media manager
Brand strategist
Brand manager
Communications director manager
Broadcast analyst
Film and video
Many graduate fields of study include an undergraduate emphasis in English as preferred