2014 English Department's Distinguished Writers



From top left, moving clockwise:

  • Janette Godwin, “Moving on Up” (written for Nikole King’s English 101 class)
  • Angelique Ramirez, “Overcoming” (written for Kimberlie Johnson’s English 099 class)
  • Lainey Hubbs, “The Imagination:  Universal Creativity” (written for Laurie Olson-Horswill’s English 102 class)
  • Austin Briggs, “Literary Naturalism and Jack London’s ‘To Build a Fire’” (written for Laura Godfrey’s English 278 class)
  • Allison Gneckow, “Colonial Reformation of the Igbo:  A Woman’s Perspective” (written for Molly Michaud’s English 210 class)
  • Not Pictured:  Thomas Sixbey, “Nature in Wordsworth’s ‘Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey’ and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (written for Audrey Cameron’s English 268 class)