English Department's Distinguished Writers

Congratulations to the winners of the Distinguish Writing Award!  

2017 Awards Photographs and the Art Spirit Gallery in downtown Coeur d'Alene (photographs by JoSann Lien)

 The award-winners

 A view of the audience and gallery

 Aaron Cloyd, English Club Advisor

 Jonathan Frey, Trestle Creek Advisor



 Blair Williams, The Art Spirit Gallery Owner


These students are from classes taught by Josann Lien, John Trombold, Molly Michaud, and Laurie Olson-Horswill:

  • Celeste Kump: "Why Am I Here?"
  • Stephanie Garcia-Coleman: “Green Burial”
  • Dominic Epkey: “Veteran PTSD”
  • Natalie Szakacs: “Through the Narrow Looking Glass”
  • Thomas Storey: “’Good Country People’: The Dichotomy of Religion and Philosophy"
  • Hilary Strom: “Industrialization: The Ravager of Nature”

Presentation Awards
English Club advisor Audrey Cameron and English Division Assistant Chair Molly Michaud
present awards on May 3, 2016. 


These writers are from classes taught by Laura Godfrey, Mark Dudick, Amy Flint, and Bob Bennett: 

  • Mikell Gentry, “A Picture of the Modern Day Father Figure”
  • Nate Kimball, “Tolerance and Suicide Bombing”
  • Don Oak, “Concise Suggestions for a Beginning Meditator”
  • Elli Goldman Hilbert, “The Futility of Fighting the Corporate Disease”
  • Brooke Urbaniak, “Stowe’s Use of Miss Ophelia in Uncle Tom’s Cabin: The Role of Northerners in Slavery”
  • Joshua Weeks, “Othello: The Psychoanalysis of an Alien.” 



These writers are from classes taught by Nikole King, Kimberlie Johnson, Laurie Olson-Horswill, Laura Godfrey, Molly Michaud, and Audrey Cameron, pictured above clockwise from back left: 

  • Janette Godwin, “Moving on Up” 
  • Angelique Ramirez, “Overcoming” 
  • Lainey Hubbs, “The Imagination:  Universal Creativity” 
  • Austin Briggs, “Literary Naturalism and Jack London’s ‘To Build a Fire’” 
  • Allison Gneckow, “Colonial Reformation of the Igbo:  A Woman’s Perspective” 
  • Not Pictured:  Thomas Sixbey, “Nature in Wordsworth’s ‘Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey’ and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”