Center for New Directions

The Center for New Directions (CND) at North Idaho College (NIC) is designed to assist community single parents and displaced homemakers with community resources and exploration of career and educational paths.  Additionally the CND delivers retention and completion support programs to students and future students who are enrolled in or express an interest in Career Technical Education (CTE) and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Non -Traditional  gender career pathway
  • Single Parents: Unemployed or underemployed people who are responsible for a dependent in the home.
  • Displaced Homemakers: Anyone who must seek training or paid employment outside of the home due to separation, divorce, death, or disability of spouse.


Some examples of services include:
Career and Education exploration (finding what’s right for you)
Educational program requirements
Admissions assistance
Academic/Career planning
Referrals to community resources
Specialized workshops
Additional individual support


 CECIL Workshops:

*All workshops are located in Driftwood Bay #118 located in the SUB from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM





Study Skills for the Semester

September 12

Jacob Wizner

Learn effective study strategies

Financial Aid

October 31

Donya Gadley

Presentation of Financial Aid

ICE Grant

November 15

Becky Rhoades

Learn about employment transition

Community Resources

December 6

Jacob Wizner

Learn community resources

Study Strategies

January 9

Tracy Struble

Learn effective study strategies


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 For more information or to make an appointment, contact: 

Center for New Directions
(208) 769-3445