These are just a few of the programs that North Idaho College Children's Center works with:

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)Oooh. Cute.

North Idaho College Children's Center is proud to be accredited by NAEYC. Early Childhood program accreditation means that the Children's Center voluntarily applied for accreditation by NAEYC. The program then engaged in an extensive self-study based on the Academy's criteria for High Quality Early Childhood Programs. The accuracy of the program's self study was verified during a site visit to the program by a team of trained volunteer validators. The validated self-study, including the program director's responses to the validation visit, was reviewed by a three-member national commission composed of experts in child care and early childhood education, judged to be in substantial compliance with the Academy's Criteria, and granted accreditation for a five-year period.

CACFP Meal Program

The Children's Center is a proud member of this cash reimbursement program which provides breakfast, lunch, and p.m. snacks for all Center children. Each family is encouraged to complete a CACFP Free/Reduced Application at registration which helps to keep child care costs low and provide nutritional meals to children. The cost of the meals are included in the child care fees. Parents are always welcome to join us at mealtime. The chairs are a little small, hope you don't's their world you know.

"This institution is an equal opportunity provider."

Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP)

Idaho's Child Care Program helps low-income families pay for child care. Assistance is available for families with parents who are employed, looking for work, in job training, or enrolled in school.

To apply for ICCP contact the Health and Welfare office at (208) 769-1456