blocksMission Statement

The NIC Children's Center is a NAEYC Accredited multi-function program whose mission includes serving: 

  • as lab school that provides a high-quality lab setting for NIC students to meet their education requirements.  
  • as a model early childhood program that promotes student success by providing prioritized, accessible and affordable child care services to the families of NIC students.
  • as a community partner that provides training and mentoring to the early childhood community while also partnering with Head Start and other community agencies to better serve NIC families and their children.

Vision Statement

The Children's Center will be...a nurturing, supportive, respective environment where families are embraced and celebrated...a place where children and families feel safe, secure, and valued...a place where staff feels valued, respected, and encouraged to flourish as individuals, professionals, and as a team...a high quality lab school that serves as a model for the individual, the college campus, and the community.

Statement of Philosophy

The staff of the NIC Children's Center believes that the early childhood years are critical for children in:

  • Developing a strong and positive sense of self.
  • Becoming eager and self-directed learners.
  • Acquiring essential social skills and developing respect for others.
  • Gathering skills necessary for success in formal schooling.

To assist children in meeting these critical needs, the Children's Center staff strives to:

  • Build strong partnerships with parents.
  • Provide problem solving opportunities for children.
  • Create an environment rich in choice and decision making.
  • Provide an environment with both the freedom to explore and appropriate limits in which to feel secure.
  • Arrange the environment so children have ample opportunities to interact with each other and practice developing social skills.