Enrollment, Tuition and Fee Information

2018-2019 Enrollment Information

Children are enrolled in the classroom based on birth date: 

 INFANT CLASS (ratio 1:4; group size 8) 9/1/2017 - 8/31/2018
 TODDLER CLASS (ratio 1:5; group size 9) 9/1/2016-8/31/2017
 TWOS CLASS (ratio 1:6; group size 11) 9/1/2015-8/31/2016
 THREES CLASS (ratio 1:9; group size 14)9/1/2014-8/31/2015
 FOUR/FIVES CLASS (ratio 1:10; group size 17) 9/1/2013-8/31/2014

Enrollment Options

The following options are available for STUDENT families to enroll their child:
  • 5 days a week:  Monday through Friday
  • 3 days a week:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday*
  • 2 days a week:  Tuesday, Thursday *
  • *HALF DAYS are only offered Monday through Friday 8:45-2:45
The following options are available for FACULTY/STAFF families to enroll their child:
  • 5 days a week:  Monday through Friday
  • 3 days a week:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Half days and 2 day a week options are not available to faculty or staff families

2018-2019 Child Care Tuition

The Children's Center bills daily for the year, then divides the yearly total into 9 equal monthly payments billed out from September-May.  Families are not billed for days the program is not scheduled to be open, such as winter break, spring break and holidays.  

STUDENT RATES (6+ credits):

  • Infants: $36/day & $29/half day*          
  • Toddlers: $32/day & $25/half day*          
  • Twos:  $31/day & $24/half day*        
  • Threes: $30/day & $23/half day*       
  • Preschool: $29/day & $22/half day*
  • *half days are for STUDENTS ONLY and are only offered between 8:45-2:45 Monday-Friday


  • Infants: $47.88/day            
  • Toddlers: $42.56/day      
  • Twos:  $41.23/day        
  • Threes:  $39.90/day   
  • Four/Fives: $38.57/day   

Registration  Fees

An annual $25 per child registration fee is due at the time of enrollment. This fee is non-refundable. 

Late Fees

If the 15th falls on a weekend, payment must be made the Friday before to avoid a late fee.

If full payment is not received by the 15th, a $20.00 late fee will be assessed. For families receiving ICCP, the account must maintain a “zero” balance by the 15th to avoid this fee.
Reminder - Due to a late start in January, bills for January and February are due extremely close together. Please budget accordingly to avoid a late charge.

Unpaid Bills

All outstanding bills must be paid in full (including families with ICCP), including the late fee, by the 20th of the month for your child to return to care. There will be no exceptions.

Important Note: If your child does not receive care due to nonpayment , we will hold your child’s spot at your expense until the end of the month in order to provide you with some extra time to get caught up on your bill. You will continue to be charged for their spot. If payment is still not received in full at the end of the month, your child will be dismissed from our program, a HOLD will be placed on your account and your outstanding balance will be sent to collections. Please come talk to the Director of the program if extenuating circumstances present themselves, as special arrangements may be made on a case by case basis.

Due to registration times, a HOLD will be placed on all accounts with outstanding balances after April 15th, instead of the 20th. 


Child care is considered a monthly service like belonging to an athletic club or owning a car. You are charged for child care whether or not you use your scheduled days. No refunds will be made for days not used.

Late Pick-Up Fees

Late fees will be assessed to all parents when their child remains beyond their scheduled hours. If you are late picking up your child a $1 per minute late charge will be assessed.

Withdrawal from Program

If parents wish to withdraw from the program a 2 week notice must be submitted to the Center Director or Senior Administrative Assistant.  


Parents will continue to be billed until notification of withdrawal is received.

You will receive your bill on the 10th of each month and the full payment is due by the 15th of that month, including families receiving ICCP benefits.