Infant Classroom 

The Children's Center is open to infants aged eight weeks to one year. The classroom is staffed with 2 full-time teachers and a part time assistant and maintains a ratio of four infants to one adult. The maximum group size is nine infants. The curriculum in the infant room revolves around the child's routine: eating, sleeping, diapering, and sensory motor exploration.

Our philosophy on infant care is based on best practices outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. According to NAEYC, “Every day we learn more about the incredible capacities of infants. Babies react to noise, changes in lighting, and new people - proof that they are very aware from the very beginning of sights, sounds, and others in their lives.

Caring for infants on a day-to-day basis presents special challenges and opportunities to promote children's learning and allow families to thrive. Centers should ensure children's safety and comfort, but also foster infants' physical, sensory, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Good care giving means more and stronger connections are made in the infant's brain - connections that last a lifetime."


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