Toddler Classroom

Toddler girl and boy drawing with markers

The toddler room at the Children's Center is comprised of children aged 12-24 months. The classroom is staffed with two full-time teachers and a part time assistant and maintains a ratio of four children to one adult. The maximum group size is 8 toddlers. Curriculum for this age group also revolves around the children's routine: eating, sleeping, and diapering with expanded sensory motor exploration and more complex play.

Toddlers are stepping out - out of baby booties and into walking shoes, out of infancy and into childhood. At this stage all areas of development - thinking, feeling, moving, and getting along with others - are intertwined. Newly mobile toddlers want to take off in every direction at once and experience every sensation the world has to offer. Toddlers also need to feel safe and secure so they can develop a love of learning.

Relationships with caring adults give toddlers the confidence to experiment as they grow,” says NAEYC.