Training for Peer Tutors

What is a Peer Tutor?

A Peer Tutor is a student who offers academic support to another student.  Have you ever offered to help a fellow student or coached someone through a difficult homework problem?  If so, then you have been a Peer Tutor.  Peer Tutors give a student perspective on learning and are role models of good study habits and critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Why does Peer Tutoring work?

Peer tutoring happens in small groups so the focus of tutoring sessions can be on the individual and their needs.  These tutoring sessions provide a safe environment for the individual to ask questions until they feel comfortable with the material.  Peer tutors, as students themselves, can use empathy and humor to bring the material to the student's level.

Why do tutors need "training"?

To be truly effective, tutoring must be focused on empowering the student to find the answer to their own questions.  This requires specialized questioning and listening skills, setting defined boundaries, an awareness of and flexibility with individual learning styles and establishing a comfortable and secure working environment.  North Idaho College is committed to provide the best service possible to assure student success. Tutor training is critical to successful tutoring.

What do I do next?

Below is a list of tutor training topics.  Please study each subject thoroughly by reading the material presented and reflecting on its use during upcoming tutoring sessions. When all paperwork is completed and tutor training is accomplished, your tutor schedule will be posted.

Tutor Training Topics