Seven Steps to Successful Grants

While the process of writing grants is not rocket science, much rocket science has been developed through creative grant writing.  It can be an important skill if you are engaged in activities that are not normally funded by your institution and require external funding.

Whether funding is sought from a one-page proposal to a local foundation or a 100 page application to a federal agency, every grant-funded project should be approached as a challenge.  There is a lot going on between the moment of inspiration and the day the check arrives in the mail.

The craft of developing successful proposals is a refined skill that shouldn't be taken lightly.  Here is a process that may help you do the work necessary to create a successful proposal and obtain the funding you need for your project.

  1. Know what you really want.  
  2. Find out if there is really a need.
  3. Determine if the project is feasible.
  4. Find a funder that will embrace your project.
  5. Build a proposal team.
  6. Follow the rules.
  7. Be flexible.

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