Work Study

Work Study Program - What Is It?

The Federal Work Study and the Atwell J. Parry Work-study programs are financial aid programs. The primary purpose of the work study programs is to stimulate and promote part-time employment for students who are in need of earnings to help finance the cost of their education and to encourage students to participate in community service areas. Communication skills, organizational skills, and the ability to work with other people are skills the student will use in a work study position. Many students use their work study jobs to explore career options and to update their resume. The college benefits because work study students generally work on campus supplementing help with necessary jobs.

Funding for the work study programs comes from the federal and state governments and the college. Since the allocations for work study from the federal and state governments change each year, the amount of work study funding also varies from year to year.

Eligibility For Work Study

To receive work study funding the student must first apply for federal financial aid and demonstrate financial need according to the federal financial aid guidelines. Second, the student must complete a work study application that will be emailed to students that may be eligible. The student will then be placed on the work study wait list. Students with financial need may receive a work study award as part of their financial aid package. This provides an opportunity for the student to work in an approved job and earn up to the dollar amount of the work study award during the school year.

Work study funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis to eligible students based on the date the work study application was completed. The status of the work study funds are reviewed on a monthly basis. Students with work study awards who are not working will lose this type of funding, and these funds will be re-awarded to students on the work study waiting list.

Work Study Awards

When a student receives a work study award, it is for a specific dollar amount. The student cannot earn more than the amount of the award. The student and supervisor should develop a work schedule to benefit both.

Students will have one week to acquire a work study authorization from the Financial Aid Office to show intent. The student will then have one week to find a position and submit the authorization to the Financial Aid Office. If the work study award is not activated within one week, the award will be withdrawn from their account.

To activate a work study award the student must read these guidelines and acknowledge doing so, have their supervisor complete their section of the authorization, and also complete all employment paperwork at the Human Resource Office.

Students and supervisors who would like to have additional or summer work study money awarded must submit a request form to the Financial Aid Office ( NOTE: This form is mailed towards the end of the spring semester to all current work study supervisors.

Work Study Pay Rate

The pay rate for all work study students is $8.25 per hour for most on-campus positions and $8.50 for off-campus positions. At the present, there are no pay rates established for work study students based upon the job description.


Students may work up to twenty hours per week while school is in session. If the student works more than 6 hours they are required to take at least a half hour break. The student and supervisor should try to establish a work schedule that will enable the student to earn his/her entire award. However, the student who does not want to earn the entire award should notify the Financial Aid Office as we may re-award these funds to someone on the work study waiting list.

A students award is subject to change based on the amount of previous earnings and projected earnings. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to make any adjustments if a student will not be utilizing all of their award. These adjustments will be made after the fall semester. Once adjustments have been made, students will be contacted via Cardinal Mail. If an adjustment is made it is up to the student to notify their supervisor.

Working During School Vacations

Students may choose to work during the school vacations. As long as they have not earned the entire work study award they may work during school vacations which occur during the school year. For vacations of one week or longer, the student may work up to forty hours per week. If the student works more than 6 hours they are required to take at least a half hour break.

In order for students to work during the summer, the student must have a supervisor submit a request form and also have been awarded work study during the school year. 

*Note: Students can earn their year's award up until the week of finals. If a summer request has been submitted and approved, students may work up until June 30th. After June 30th, students will have to be awarded and earn funds from the upcoming school year's FAFSA. Students must be enrolled during the summer session and/or be enrolled for the next fall semester to be able to work during the summer.

Responsibilities of the Supervisor and Student 


The following are the rights and responsibilities that you may expect from your employer and the rights and responsibilities that you agree to adhere to when accepting employment. These guidelines are a general overview of policies and procedures set forth by the Financial Aid Office. Students also are subject to the policies and procedures that are specific to their employing department or agency. Students should consider these responsibilities seriously. 


As a supervisor of work study students, the responsibilities you have toward these students are not unlike the responsibilities you have for regular employees. Since these employees' primary purpose is to obtain an education, you will need to be flexible in scheduling work schedules around classes.

Hiring A Student

Every work study supervisor needs to complete a Job Request Form and a Supervisor Checklist (forms are available upon e-mail request to for each work study position. The form will describe the student's duties and responsibilities, job qualifications, length of employment and the number of students needed.

The student will locate a job he/she might be interested in through the Work Study Web Page. After finding a job they will contact you and  give you the opportunity to interview each of them which will allow you to select the most qualified student. The decision to hire will rest with you, the supervisor.

The student will bring to the interview a Work Study Authorization, which outlines the student's award amount, starting and ending dates of employment, and pay rate. To hire the student after the job interview sign the authorization. If the student's skills and/or class schedule do not meet the needs of the position, return the authorization unsigned to the student.

As a work study supervisor you have the following responsibilities:

1. Do not allow your student employee to begin work until the Work Study Authorization has been signed and returned and the student has completed the W-4 and I-9 forms with Human Resources.

2. Develop a job description for your student employee.

3. Establish basic rules of employment in your department for your student employee in areas such as general conduct, hours of work, dress, how to address "customers", answering the telephone, etc.

4. Provide detailed and clear instructions for any projects you assign to the student.

5. Be open to questions. For many students, of all ages, this will be their first job.

6. Give the student feedback on how he/she is completing the job. This gives the student the opportunity to learn.

7. Respect the rights and property of your student employee. Treat your student employee with courtesy and consideration.

8. Review the student's time sheet for neatness, accuracy and mathematical errors. Be sure to sign the student's time sheet. *Only the supervisor may sign the time sheets. Any fill-in supervisors must be approved by the Financial Aid Office*

9. Turn in to the Financial Aid Office the signed and completed time sheet on the date it is due.

10. Monitor the student's earnings. Work study funds cannot be used to pay a student for earnings which would exceed his/her award. Generally, excess earnings will be charged to the employing department.

11. In the event that a student is working for more than one department, it is the responsibility of the student and their supervisors to coordinate hours to ensure the employee does not go over the amount of work study they were awarded.

12. Ensure that the date on the Work Study Authorization is less than one month old.

13. Notify the Financial Aid Office if you are going to be out for an extended period of time so that a fill-in supervisor can assist your students.  

Note: Student's work hours cannot be scheduled during class times. Please verify student class schedule before scheduling work hours.

Payroll Procedures

The Work Study timesheets are available on the NIC website and at the financial aid office. The student can use the Time Sheet to sign into work when he/she arrives each day and sign out at the end of the work period. When completing the time sheet be sure to check for the items listed below.

1. Enter the student's full name.

2. Enter and verify the student's Social Security number and/or Student ID

3. Enter the department where the student worked.

4. Enter the Pay Period for which the student worked. This will generally be a one-month period.

5. Enter the date the student worked.

6. Enter the time the student reported to work and the time the student left work. Round to the nearest quarter hour. Students working more than six hours are required to take an unpaid lunch break of at least 30 minutes.

7. Enter the total number of hours the student worked per day. Round to the nearest quarter hour. For partial hours, enter the amount in decimal form, i.e. one-half hour would be recorded as .50.

8. Total the hours the student worked during the pay period.

9. Enter the pay rate ($8.25)

10. Enter the total earnings.

11. The student must sign the time sheet.

12. The supervisor must sign the time sheet.

13. The supervisor must hand deliver, fax, and/or inter-office mail the time sheet to the Financial Aid Office before the due dates listed on the Pay Date Schedule.

Please note: Incorrect timesheets will be returned to the supervisor for verification. This may prevent the student from being paid in a timely manner.

Questions? - Contact the Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office staff coordinates all aspects of the work study programs. Students and supervisors with questions or problems with the work study program should contact the office via e-mail at