Work Study

Now that you have completed the first four steps of the Work Study Process you must complete remaining steps to accept your award and begin working. Below are the guidelines that students must abide by to remain eligible to earn their total award.

 Student Work Study Guidelines

  • Be aware of your total award - You and your supervisor must track the amount of earnings every two weeks to ensure that you do not earn more than your total award for the school year.

  • Treat this as a real job - Although you have been awarded financial aid funds, you are working for a college department and/or community service organization and it is important to treat this position as a real job.

  • Understand your Pay Rate - If you are working on campus, your hourly pay is $8.25 an hour. If you are working off-campus in a community service position, your hourly pay is $8.50 an hour.

  • Understand your earnings are taxed - As in any other job, your earnings are taxed per Federal and State Regulations

  • Be aware of the maximum amount of hours to work per week - As a Work Study, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week when school is in session. You are only allowed to work during times that you are not scheduled to be in class. During holidays and vacations, you are allowed to work full 8 hour days and 40 hour weeks with appropriate Federal and State mandated breaks as long as you do not go over your allotted total award and your supervisor approves the hours ahead of time.

  •  Watch your academic calendar - Students are allowed to work from the first day of the fall semester through the week before finals of the spring semester. Work during unauthorized hours or the summer must be approved by your supervisor and the NIC Financial Aid Office prior to those hours being worked.

  • Understand that accepting Work Study may affect your loan eligibility - For information and an example of how this can happen click on the following link.