Work Study

As a Work Study Supervisor you must understand and acknowledge the following guidelines in order to be authorized by the Financial Aid Office to have Work Study Employees. 

Supervisor Guidelines

  •  Understand award process - Students must complete an eight stop process to be awarded work study. Please familiarize yourself with how this process works.

  • Understand Student Guidelines - Students are reading and acknowledging their guidelines prior to beginning work. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines they must abide by.

  • Work Study Employees are just like regular employees - Expectations of duties and responsibilities should be just the same as a regular employee. It is important to hold Work Study students accountable for their actions and work performance.

  • Hours worked and dollars earned - It is yours and the students' responsibility to monitor the number of hours worked (maximum of 20 hrs per week during school) and money earned by the Work Study Employee. As maximum earnings are set for the student, any dollars earned above and beyond this amount will be taken from your department's budget.

  • Understand Time Entry and Approval - Your Work Study Employee will be entering their time via MyNIC. You will be required to approve this time via your MyNIC.