Stipulations of Warning

Students who do not meet the minimum 66.67% completion rate and/or 2.0 GPA for the first time will be placed on a Warning Status. The Warning period will last one semester. If the student does not increase their completion rate and/or GPA to the minimum requirements they will be placed into an Unsatisfactory Status and must appeal to receive financial aid for future terms.


Stipulations of Probation

Financial Aid Probation status can only be granted after a student has appealed and has had eligibility for aid reinstated through an approved appeal.

A probationary period is based on the stipulations set forth by the Appeals Committee. A student placed on probation must complete their program of study and/or transfer by the term specified on the appeal form.

A contract must be signed by the student confirming their understanding of the ramifications of not meeting the designated timeline. Failure to maintain a cumulative completion rate of 66.67% and/or GPA of 2.0 for each subsequent term (i.e. Fall, Spring, or Summer) will place the student in an Unsatisfactory Status and they will be ineligible for financial aid.

Please Note: Students who are on probation will be evaluated for SAP on a semester by semester basis to measure GPA, completion rate, and assigned graduation or transfer timeline. In addition, students who are on Probation for Maximum Time Frame are required to take classes which pertain only to their current program of study or are prerequisites for a degree at a four-year institution.