Academic Plan

Stipulation of an Academic Plan

Sometimes, it may be mathematically impossible for a student on Financial Aid Probation to achieve minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards at the conclusion of one payment period; therefore an institution may consider a long-range academic plan with appropriate check points and milestones to be achieved by the student.

The North Idaho College (NIC) Financial Aid Office will evaluate each student on a case-by-case basis and determine an academic plan which ensures the student is able to meet SAP standards by the expected graduation date indicated on their appeal form.

An academic plan can be voided by NIC if the student changes their program of study, violates the academic plan, does not take classes which pertain to their current program of study, or does not enroll for the payment period that the academic plan was applicably designed.

Notwithstanding these terms and conditions within the probationary period, the student on Financial Aid Probation must meet the minimum SAP standards of a 66.67% completion rate and a minimum GPA of 2.0 at the next SAP evaluation or fulfill the requirements of the required academic plan in order to retain future financial aid.