Financial Aid Ambassador

The Ambassador provides prospective students with a North Idaho College Student experience, assists with recruitment and orientation activities, and supports students through enrollment, financial aid, and registration processes.

To be selected as an Ambassador is an honor and an excellent avenue for personal and professional growth. In addition to receiving Cardinal grant that covers tuition and fees for 12 credits for each semester, Ambassadors will gain valuable leadership development training, multiple networking opportunities, and many chances to enhance their overall college experience.


Who are the Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are North Idaho College students who assist the Admissions, Registrar's, and Financial Aid offices with prospective students, applicants, registration, and financial aid services. 

What do Ambassadors offer?

Ambassadors offer a student perspective to prospective students during tours, campus events, orientation, and answering phones. They also participate in general office activities as needed.

Where is their office?

You can contact the Ambassadors in the Admissions, Registrar's, and Financial Aid offices. Each Ambassador holds office hours on a weekly basis.

How can I become an Ambassador?

In March, the Admissions, Registrar's, and Financial Aid offices post their application for Ambassador positions on this website.

Financial Aid Ambassador Application