Reservations & Policies

Equipment Rental Policy

  • Long term rental prices are reduced 50% after 5 days at the regular rate.
  • No charge for pick-up and return days for whitewater equipment (except for one day rentals).
  • Two day minimum rental is required for all whitewater equipment.
  • Renters are required to provide a credit card number at the time of reservation and rental. By providing credit card information and renting the equipment, renters authorize Outdoor Pursuits to charge any fees, and other amounts due from the reservation and/or rental of the equipment.
  • Payment of the total rental fee is required at the time of reservation. Rentals may be paid with cash, check, MasterCard or Visa.
  • Students renting equipment for PE classes are exempt from rental fees, however, ARE subject to all deposit and late fee policies.
  • If renters do not return the equipment during business hours on the scheduled return date or on the pre-arranged appointment date, they will be charged the daily rental fee for each item rented each day late until the equipment is returned. This will be strictly enforced.
  • Renters must properly clean and dry the equipment prior to its return. If returned equipment is not clean a $10.00 cleaning fee for a single item rental and a $25.00 cleaning fee for multiple items will be charged to clean and dry the equipment.
  • Any physical damage incurred or loss of equipment while in the possession of a renter is the fiscal responsibility of the renter for necessary repair or replacement.

Cancellation Policy

One of our most frequently asked questions is “Why can’t I get a full refund when I cancel my reservation?” If you cancel your reservation we have lost the opportunity to rent the equipment to others while it was reserved.

Customer service is expensive. When we spend time with you to select equipment and set up your reservation, or to process your refund, there are costs involved. We have the following policy:

All cancellations $25.00 or less will be converted to rental credit.

Cancellations exceeding $25.00:

  • Between 30 & 14 days = 25% penalty, 75% refund or 100% rental credit.
  • Between 13 & 7 days = 30% penalty, 70% refund or 100% rental credit.
  • Between 6 & 2 days = 40% penalty, 60% rental credit.
  • Less than 2 days = No Refund.

All cancellations exceeding $100.00 before 30 days will incur a $25.00 processing FEE. All rental credit is good for 1 year from the date it is issued.

When making reservations please provide us with accurate information listing the equipment you need to reserve. Last minute changes in equipment may not be possible, so notify us immediately of any errors so that you get the gear you need to have a successful outing.

- Call (208) 769-5941 or Email Outdoor Pursuits Rental Manager Terry Brinton for more information or reservations.