Students in their room.Something for Everyone!

The Residence Hall offers 37 4-person suites and 17 3-person suites, with single-room opportunities in each of the three-person suites. Two of the four-person suites are also handicap accessible.

The furniture in the suites is freestanding and modular, providing maximum flexibility and individual expression in each room. Beds can be stand-alone or bunked, and all desks, chairs, and sofas can be arranged in a variety of ways.

All the suites are designed for minimum noise transfer with five-inch concrete floors (covered in carpeting or vinyl flooring), noise-dampening materials in the walls, and the vanity/tub/toilet areas acting as sound barriers between the hallways and the interior rooms. The building is constructed of non-combustible materials and has ceiling sprinklers throughout for fire safety.

Each suite's main entry is lighted, inset from the main corridor walls, and equipped with a card-key lock (similar to many hotels), complete with deadbolt. The interior doors of the suites are lockable from the inside of each door. For added security, each of the hall's exterior doors is locked 24 hours a day (unlocked with the same card-key).