NIC at Sandpoint Current Students,
Your Success is Our Success!

If you have questions about, or need assistance with, any of the following, just let us know:

College Credit Classes:

  • Face-to-face -- Including PE and lab sciences
  • Hybrid -- Classroom time is combined with online instruction to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Interactive Video Conference -- Instructors and students can communicate directly within the IVC Classroom. 
  • Internet -- Online classes are driven by Blackboard Learning Management System.
  • Live Online -- Provides students and instructors with live classroom communication within an online class.

Dual Credit Classes: Allows academically qualified students to receive both high school credit and college credit for completion of NIC courses.

Non-Credit/Community Interest Classes: In collaboration with our workforce-training center, personal enrichment classes are available to our community members.

Workforce Training Classes: In collaboration with our workforce-training center, we offer classes, some of which can fulfill professional certification, continuing education, and re-licensing requirements.

Career Resource Referral
Live web consulting available with NIC’s career services office.

Registration Assistance
Let us walk you through the course registration process.

Textbook Ordering
Select the textbooks needed for your course section and order online from Mica-Peak Exchange Book Store. They can ship your textbooks to your local outreach center or your home.

Proctored Testing 

  • Online
  • Secured Browser
  • Written

Technical Support

  • Blackboard -- Access your classes and online course content.
  • Collaborate -- Web conference live with instructors and on campus student services.
  • Instant Messenger -- IM your classmates and instructors. 
  • Cardinal Mail -- Access your student email by setting up your account. 
  • MyNIC -- Access your student constituency and services by setting up your MyNIC login.
  • Turnitin -- Some instructors use this anti-plagiarism software for submission of writing assignments

Tools and facilities 

  • Computer Lab -- Students have access to our computer lab during posted hours for the use of coursework or college related activity
  • Library Resources Distant Access -- Students can access library resources that are available online as well as request books be sent to outreach centers.
  • NIC Photo IDs -- We can order your student IDs.

Tuition and Fees Payment
While NIC at Sandpoint does not accept cash or check payments, students can pay by fax form or online through their MyNIC student services.

Tutoring is available for MATH 143 and below, with the potential for other subjects upon student request.

Academic Advising

Academic advisers are available every Tuesday. Call to schedule an appointment: (208) 263-4594. 

Financial Aid Advising

The Financial Aid adviser comes to Sandpoint every second Tuesday of the month. Call to schedule an appointment: (208) 263-4594.

Therapeutic Counseling 

Free therapeutic counseling is available for all registered students  every second and fourth Thursday of the month. Call to schedule an appointment:  (208) 263-4594.