Schuler Performing Arts Center
Rate Card

Room Rental           Phone  enquiries:      (208) 769-3424

SPAC Full Day Rental: 7 a.m. - 12 Midnight

Renter 1st Day Additional Day
K thru 12 $450 $350
State/Federal/Non Profit $550 $450
Public $650 $550
Community Use Fee $.50/Seat/Show $.50/Seat/Show

Staff Fees  ***

Staff 1st 8 Hours Additional Hours
Technicians (minimum of 3) $25/hr per tech. $37.50/hr
Technicians Legal/College Holiday $50/hr per tech. $62.50/hr
Physical Plant Electrician (if needed after 2:30pm or weekends) $40/hr (min 2hr) $60/hr
Legal/College Holiday $80/hr (min 2hr) $120/hr
Custodial Fees Pending Event needs


House Manager





House Manager Legal/College Holiday $40/hr $60/hr







Ushers Legal/College Holiday $30.00/hr $45.00/hr
Usher Minimums(SPAC will determine the appropriate number of ushers needed per event.) Reserved Seating 8-12 per event needs
General Admission 3-8 per event needs
Meal Penalty ** $15/staff member per meal missed

** Fee charged If crew members are held over 5 hours without a 1 hour meal break.

*** All clients will be charged for event related set-ups and tear downs that occur before, during and after the event.

Other Resources

Boswell Hall Additional Room Rental Fee
Contact: Director of Operations at (208) 769-3424
Rehearsal Room - 102 $350
Dance Studio - 001 $300
Class Room - other than above $200
Small Music Practice Room $100
Main Lobby $300
Other Lobby(s) $200
Equipment Rental Fee
Concert Grand Piano* $300
Baby Grand Piano* $200
Upright Piano* $150
* Pianos must be requested through the Communication, Fine Arts, and Humanties Division, (208) 769-3276. Client responsible for obtaining and supplying to S-PAC, written permission from the Com Arts Div. for the use of pianos and other music department related equipment. Client is also responsible for all tuning fees that are deemed necessary by the Com Arts Div. and or individual show needs.

All room and equipment rentals with reservation only.

Catering Service: contact: Food Services Supervisor at (208) 769-8014 or Food Services Manager at (208) 769-7771.

Alcohol Permit Packet: contact: Director of Auxiliary Services at (208) 769-3360.