Associate of Science in Political Science and Pre-law

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Associate of Science in Political Science and Pre-law

A timeless definition of politics is who gets what, when and how.[1]  Political Science itself explores the behavior, theory, institutions of government and others who engage in political activity. The breadth of political activity includes the individual, local, state, national and global levels. Political science majors examine events and behavior from a variety of perspectives utilizing concepts, models and theories to test and explain political phenomena. Typically, students concentrate on several specific subfields that may include but are not limited to: American government, international relations, comparative politics, constitutional law, research methods, political philosophy and public administration.  [1] From Lasswell, Harold (1936) Politics: Who gets What, When, How. New York: Whittlesey House.

The Associate of Science in Political Science and Pre-Law provide the first two years of study in for a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science or Pre-law. Students are introduced to many of the various subfields of political science and the scope of the discipline. The Associate of Science program also serves as a foundation for further professional or academic study in business, law, secondary teaching with an emphasis in social studies, public administration, international studies and other related social sciences.

The Associate of Science in Pre-law at North Idaho College is designed to focus on courses that will benefit both the student specifically aiming for law school, as well as the student seeking a well-rounded educational experience. Though the Pre-Law curriculum features courses that sharpen critical and analytical thinking and decision-making, it is not a requirement to major in Pre-Law for students seeking acceptance to law school and it should be noted that other disciplines can be equally successful. Included in the course structure are classes in disciplines with an emphasis on their relationship to the formation and support of a legal foundation for a society.

Please contact the political science department for a list of potential careers in political science. Completion of the associate of science degree at North Idaho College meets the general core requirements at all Idaho public universities.

POLS instructors at NIC- click on name below to see faculty information and class/office schedule:

Richard Tanksley

John Reese

Clint Condra 

Dual Credit Political Science Instructor:

John Keating