PsychologyPsychology is the science that investigates the relationship between brain and behavior. As a social science it also focuses on the relationship between environment and behavior. 

Psychology majors and sociology majors study psychology, providing an avenue for individuals to become more self-aware and to better understand the behavior of others.  Psychology degrees also provide the basic knowledge and principles of human behavior that are essential for those students preparing for any career path in psychology or other careers in social services, business, education, medicine, or law.  There are many different areas of psychology that you can choose to focus on.  

A baccalaureate degree with a major in psychology provides a solid foundation for many careers that require knowledge of human behavior in areas such as business, industry, government, or the helping professions.  Completion of a graduate degree (master’s or doctorate) is generally necessary however, for careers specific to psychology.   Therefore students seriously considering such a career option should maintain a grade point average of 3.00 or higher. 

Completion of the required courses at North Idaho College normally fulfills the first half of bachelor degree requirements in psychology and course selections should be tailored to match requirements of the intended transfer institutions.

Psychology faculty at NIC  - click on name below to see faculty information and their class/office schedule:

Randy Ware

Myra Darty

Victor Duarte

Kristina Klassen 

Karl Andreasson

Richelle Sepulveda 

Katie Wilson - Dual Credit and NIC campus Instructor